Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark

30 Oct, 2013 Yevgeniy R
30 Oct, 2013 # Re: Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark
Guys understand that all this is not the topic, well, just do not know anymore who to turn to. You are professionals, and I think was once faced with such a problem. Please help mne.Problema fact is this. I did model scene in 3d max. I threw it in photoshop. I did the post processing. All arranged. When printing sovseeeem produces a different result, defects uzhastnye edges, which are well on the computer does not see much darker .. + Laser printing is widely formatted. TIF format. He worked in the SMIC system (I was told that this system is the most priblidzhena for publication). That just is not tried. No result (And all would be clear if the picture looked okay only on my computer. Tested on a computer other. So the situation. Printed in professional printing studio. To answer these questions, they I can not. They say that the settings. And maybe I threw all the sins of the print studio. But the rest everything is fine. there is no problem. what is it? in advance thank you!

31 Oct, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
31 Oct, 2013 # Re: Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark
Hello! Defects edges - are you perhaps about aliasing . From what I understand, you are trying to print an image from Photoshop, using 3d-Graphics and rasterization of its print will not fire anti-aliasing, as is likely, when printing, 3d model is considered vector shapes and scales to a maximum print resolution . In this connection, I advise you to be drained before printing the entire image in a single layer, or even presohranit to a bitmap file, for example, in * .jpg. Then, the entire image will be 100% raster and nothing will not change when you print. As for the darker, that is a science and profession of printer, whose task is to keep the printing equipment configuration such that what you see on the monitor, it was similar to what happens when you print. Even special patterns are printed and applied hardware and software monitor calibrators to get the required compliance. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that the picture on the monitor is not similar to the one that will come out of the printer😁 In this connection, simply lift up the overall brightness of the image before printing, and all😉

31 Oct, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
31 Oct, 2013 # Re: Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark
Here I am suffering with a single order. There is a picture of lilac flowers, which should be printed on the wallpaper. When printing color purple leaves in the cold. You have to edit by selecting the image in Photoshop and do samplers printing small format, to display color. That is to say, after the sixth once everything looks normal. About a specialized profession heard, but in my city these people simply do not have.

30 Oct, 2013 Yevgeniy R
2 Nov, 2013 # Re: Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark
Clear! Thank you so much! 👍

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