3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

4 Oct, 2011 Andrey
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There was a question not so much in modeling a furniture as by the fact: according to what criteria is evaluated one or another work (in% of the total value of the order or made its own specific rate or is there still some price standards That is, for example if we say? customer gave me collect model modern look cuisine - what price to name him say for what I'll give him the result is not itself a 3D model, and its rendering - if he does not need a model - but only renderers (such as view, if you like - offer currently in a furniture shop, factory, shop, etc.) I ask those who have experience in freelance, share your opinion with the newcomer in this business

4 Oct, 2011 Yellesar
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Hi Andrew. 🙂 Look for time spent on the creation of the kitchen) for example hour of Dolar 5) in 5 hours if the kitchen did it = $ 50) if the pattern is difficult to see on the reference price mozhesh slightly raise🙂

4 Oct, 2011 Andrey
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Ellesar Thanks for the answer - but that's not quite understood - it was a classic-modern kitchen? If a modern look, what will be the cost in the standards of the classics?

4 Oct, 2011 Maks (Staff Author)
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Andrew says Ellesar all right 👍 evaluates its work on time spent in it. No matter, this Art Nouveau or classic. If you spent 5 hours in the kitchen and evaluate their working hours at $ 5 / hour, then take it for 5 × 5 = $ 25😉

4 Oct, 2011 Yellesar
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No, it all depends on you. no matter the Classics or modern. it is only important if you spend time .. Excellent minute modelєr then you no matter what model) all vihodit excellent) toyst and hour of one and the same for all) Cost of the work of the envy of professionalism. For example if I casket made in 10 hours here ETU http://www.render.ru/gallery/show_work.php?work_id=77589&gal_rub=1&gal_add=discuss#work it is worth it 100 Dolar, if I did it for 20 hours when you can make a beat for 10 (for example nevihodilo done right the first time and made for 2 - 3 times the UTB your problems) it is 200 Dolar .. Needless shield clean time work. here and so) 👌

4 Oct, 2011 Andrey
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Thanks for the answers to such questions torturing me 🙂 I will keep in mind in the future. If there are more questions arise, please do not hit hard - in freelance newbie😁 ............. By the way here there was only one question to what he said about the difference Ellesar 10 and 20 hours. As far as I know in addition to the practice there is no way to increase the speed in modeling, or still is?

4 Oct, 2011 Yellesar
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no🙂 only practice) when ti modelish on visota, the five delaesh bistro, quality, and error-free 👌

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
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Yes, in general Ellesar says everything correctly. The cost of work on 3d, should be determined by the time of work on it and the quality of TK (referencing).

But it is here that the main error arises.

"So, if I'm inexperienced and will work longer, so ... it will be worth more?"

Not really. The fact is that the cost of an hour of work is determined based on the professionalism of the performer.

It is foolish to expect that if you do a worse job, then for this lack, you will earn more😁

Of course, the opposite is true. Simply because the cost of an hour of work, based on your current professionalism, will be lower than that of someone who works faster.

How to determine the cost of an hour of their work?

Everything is very simple. Go to the job site and find a suitable job for you. The one that you can really find yourself with the current level of performance. Just do not need to dream that "here's if I want that ....". It is necessary to approach objectively.

It's even better to send your portfolio and get you invited to this job, at least for an interview. Even if virtual, even if you want to freelance, and work is permanent in the office. It does not matter. The main thing is to clearly determine for what kind of permanent work a 3d visualizer or modeler, you can get a job.

Suppose you are convinced that you, with the current level of knowledge, are ready to hire an office with a salary of 800 USD.

Proceeding from this, we believe that work in the office means 8 hours a day, and in a month 22 working days, it means for 800 USD you will plow😁 176 hours.

Now you can easily calculate the cost of an hour of your work.

We consider:

800 USD / 176 hours = ~ 4.5 USD / Hour

Now, based on the cost of an hour, you can easily calculate the cost of work.

Spent 10 hours on modeling ?, - it means it costs 45 USD, etc.

It is also worth treating yourself honestly and, first of all, to your customer.

If you started at 8.00 and finished at 18.00, but at the same time you scratched the backside, you smoked for half an hour and watched the TV for 2 hours, then you can not evaluate the work at 10 o'clock. In this case, in fact, it turns out that you worked only 4.5 hours.

It is also impossible to take into account the time spent by you to find a solution, due to inexperience.

Ie, for example, you are tasked, and you did not do this before and studied the lesson on the Internet for two hours, explaining how it's done. In this case, these two hours are not at all directly related to the work and therefore can not be taken into account in the formation of the price.

In addition to all that said, there must still be odds for urgency, overtime and weekend work.

Here, everyone himself assesses his own time and decides whether to take more work on Saturday.

That, in fact, looks like a universal way of assessing their work.

PS: Ellesar, apparently you wanted to say that if the hour of work is 5 bucks, then for 5 hours of work on the kitchen, you should take $ 25😁

4 Oct, 2011 Yellesar
7 Oct, 2011 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Well, yes😁

12 Oct, 2011 KostYAn
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And the time spent rendering is also taken into account? It is the cost of electricity.

4 Oct, 2011 Maks (Staff Author)
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Kostyan, rendering an hour on a member 4-core machine will spend between 0.2 and 0.4 kWh of electricity, which is less than 4 ¢ to Ukraine and Russia. It is obvious that the energy costs are unlikely to change the cost of work at least 1%. Therefore, the rendering time is not taken into account in the formation of visualization prices. Another thing - the fact of rendering and the number of species. Consider the job of picking up cameras, render settings, and post-processing to invest in the price definitely worth it. Especially when the number of species is beyond adequate😁 This is, incidentally, one of the most common questions asked by customers visualization: How much is a 3d visualization of the angle?
... Of course, if the angle is too large, such as 20-25 or more on stage 3-4 on a single object, it is, in fact, will be the animation and its cost to you will be stipulated separately. In any case, before the start of imaging, we will agree with you all the necessary angles and try to grab as much as possible the details of the scene right amount of species. This will help us and save you a lot of time. The need for a large number of angles there exists only theoretically, in practice, two or three angles for imaging the object is more than enough.

26 Mar, 2012 Bjazymien
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At the moment, regarding the visualization of the interiors, there is a pricing not for the time spent, but for the price depending on the area of ​​the room. That is, 1 sq.m. The area of ​​the room is, for example, 6 Dalaraf. Hence, the visualization of the room area of ​​10 square meters. Will be worth 60 $. And, regardless of the complexity, timing, which is always "yesterday", and the weekend. The price for visualization of exteriors, in my opinion, is much more subjective and abstract. And, it seems to me, is more true. Moreover, the management of architecture in our city wants almost exactly every object to see 3D for coordination, in real contracts, prices for 3D float, as fish in the sea. Nobody really knows how much it costs. For the layman, 3D is a beautiful picture. Often say, - we do not need 3D - we need beautiful pictures to make pictures of us, why do we need your 3D?🙂🙂🙂 So, no matter how much you set an adequate price for your diligence, any customer, as a rule , The facial expression changes.
A real picture of a real city.

3D is expensive. Everywhere, except for us)

About the number of species - I fully agree that, if within reasonable limits, - do not bother. But still there is one problem here. Render time. If, for example, a heavy scene. One frame - the rendering time - 3 hours. Or 7 hours (4 cores, 4GB ozu, x64). And you need 10 pictures. As a result - in one case - 30 hours, in another - 70. At the same time your computer smokes at 100% load of processors, memory is used at 99% with paging, with proxy objects, etc. You all this time is not working ?? I mean ... m-mmm ... What about then? And then "more options" - there is much to change, nothing is needed, only here and there ... It seems again - as well as not working - and the days go ...

And meanwhile such "variants" and "sub-variants" are eaten really a huge amount of time. After all, rendering does not occur when you press the "make beautiful" button. Still some time interval is necessary.

In short, everything is subjective, everything is muddy and dissolvable.

26 Mar, 2012 Oleg
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Bjazymien, vital wrote 👍😁😁😁

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
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No, it is present, but in the minds of the customer, and only because architects / designers / decorators think square meters. That's how they evaluate their work, that is, for design services. Therefore, it is more convenient for them, when visualization, and any other work, sounds like a% of the value of their own work. That is, the designer knows what he takes from the customer, for example, 50 bucks per square meter, the draftsman will cost him another 5 -1 bucks per square and the visa will cost another 6-8 dollars per square meter. In total, 35 USD are issued to him personally for his work.

It is for this reason that all who turn for architectural visualization want to hear the price per square. Because it's easier for them to figure out the benefits. And they do not care how you shape it there. This, so to speak, your problems.

A simple situation.
The client asks you, what is the cost of visualization of the cottage, an area of ​​200 squares?
You figure out how you're figuring out😁, and call the amount of 650 USD.
And then he starts a stupor.
Hmm .... And how much do you charge for a square?
And then you start a stupor. Is it really difficult to divide 650 by 200 and calculate, if it is necessary, the price per square? 😁
As a result, you have 3.25 USD per square meter. But 3.25 is an ugly figure, and three is not enough. So, for marketing reasons, you say 4 USD / sq. M. meter.

In the end, everyone is happy. Work begins with understanding😁

Why is that?
Because everyone has his own way of thinking and there is no need to change anyone. This only repels.
Go to the client when you speak with squares? That without God's problems, say what they want to hear from you. In the end, consider this additional. Service for the client, and mutually beneficial, because by ear, a small figure for 1 meter, sounds much more pleasant than the total amount for 200 squares ...

Regarding the terms "for yesterday", work overtime / weekends, the number of species, the quality of TK, additional amendments and other "surprises", you can read our answers to frequently asked questions on 3d visualization. All that is written there, these are real issues, real people. Not one question is not invented, however strange it may seem.
You'll read everything there.
But here, about the number of species, it is still worth mentioning.
It's all of course you, of course, say, time, days go, but what's the matter with the client, that you have a weak (one) computer?

Of course, you can not skip the rendering time, but to put it as a decisive factor is also not true.

Buy more systemists. Render distributive. Run the tasks backburner without using your main comp. Let the additional boxes buzz themselves somewhere in the corner of the room, and you spakoynenko continue to work for all these days.

Electricity? Amortization of the equipment itself?
Uh-huh. All right.
Calm yourself pawn this in the price of the square. A well-understood case with the mind, not throwing out the account for 5 system specialists to one client😁 With each of 30 bucks, so to speak for the service, for a quick rendering - here's 600 for a new system specialist with 20 orders. If the order is large, then it is possible to set aside 50 for it for equipment, etc.

Maybe it looks like something very prudent, but in practice it is profitable for everyone. And you, since you will not sit idly for two days, until the 4 cameras are rendered unhappy, and the client, as he will get the images he needs quickly and in excellent quality. Everything benefits from this.

In occasion of that is dear or expensive everywhere, except for us, a question disputable. But, if there is a desire, then it can be developed😉

26 Mar, 2012 Bjazymien
27 Mar, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

There is another point that must be taken into account when trying to ask for price, how much are your efforts worth. So that's it. There are two concepts: 1 - how much you stand, 2 - how much you are READY to pay. So these are completely different things. Therefore, the option of Anton, it seems to me - with a campaign in a certain company to find out how much you are READY to pay, is certainly not topical. Yes, simply because some are READY to pay, but others are not. Moreover, the same prices vary considerably depending on the region of your creative life activity. The bottom line is that the profit of any company is the difference between how much the order is worth and how much the performers pay. The more profitable the company, the more this difference. And if they paid adequately, there would be no companies. You will say that this is very doubtful? - hmm ... maybe ...

In my practice it turned out that the price of the question was clarified by the method of poking. Simply with time, with experience, with a large number of orders, you at least somehow can determine the prices. On the other hand, if there is little experience, it makes no sense to break the price. Lose and orders, and experience, and money. When more people know about you, there will be more orders - quietly wind prices.

If I hire my employer to claim my salary of $ 800-1000 per month, people will turn a finger at his temple. Architect + 3D-shnik in one bottle🙂🙂 Real wages are four times less. But there is another aspect. You start working in this field of activity. Have completed one order. Second, third ... It will take a while, you just estimate how much you really earn. Actually. Taking into account kolupaniya in the nose, taking into account the time to find the right lessons, for tests and errors. And if the experience is not enough, ask for less money, but more time. Because the less you break the agreed time, the more you will have orders. It is a fact. And now after you find out how much you actually earn, climb and look for how much others earn. Based on the difference, draw conclusions - how much you need to accelerate, or, conversely, relax. And do not row more orders than you can physically have time to do. Manyachit without measure is harmful to health🙂🙂

Another point - for DEVELOPMENT of the interior or exterior (with visualization), you can easily demand 2-3 times more than for visualization of the ready solution. Because vizualku can do many. But to think - not everyone's lot.

Stamp your work on a good quality, stagger around your city on different offices and suggest doing work on a contract agreement. Then you will do it, there you will do it ... Then you will be known, and with prices you will be determined. And if one of them suddenly does not converge, so others will know you and will not let you crawl about rumors about your incompetence.

In my city, prices somehow fluctuate within $ 15-25 per 1 square meter. Premises - a design project with a worker and beautiful pictures. 15 - this is if something simple type of halls, shopping halls of shops. 25 - this is for living quarters, or in general complex interiors. Prices for exteriors swim catastrophically, and I can not order them and tie them to something ... And the building volume in this case is also not an indicator🙂🙂 On average, the range is from 1/4 to 1.5 of the cost of the work of the AU . And the value of the object is also abstract and is not tied to anything. To the tender only, probably ... When your bosses tell the customers: and we will do this work yesterday and for three kopecks ... And then you mater about yourself and beat, frantically wiping the sweat from your forehead - for those very three kopecks .. .
Directly visualization of the ready solution is reduced to 5-10 $ for 1 sq.m. Premises.

All the above figures are real and reliable for my region at the end of March 2012, but may be unreliable for your region and the time you read this text.

ONE LONG COUNCIL: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WORK WITHOUT PREPAID. All sorts of transactions like "in the morning chairs, in the evening money," usually end badly at the stage of the transfer of chairs ...

26 Mar, 2012 Bjazymien
27 Mar, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Anton, I agree, it is logical. I read the "Frequently Asked Questions" - everything competently. Soberly and thoughtfully. There is a lot to learn. Actually. So thank you.

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Mar, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

Bjazymien, of course, the method I described is exaggerated. It is clear, then do not just go on tedious and, at times, humiliating interviews. To each of you, as it seems to him, the "experienced psychologist" looked in the teeth, just to know his own worth. But in general terms, you can ask the price any more. By phone, letter, etc. The main thing is not to lie to yourself, taking the maximum price, for a nominal price, as it often happens.

With regard to prepayment, this is not even advice. Rather a postulate.

Or with a prepayment, or not work at all, even if there is a temptation and really want to "make money".

If the amount is small (up to 200 USD), then a prepayment of 50%, as a rule, is not appropriate at all. It is necessary to take 100%, otherwise you will spend more time on receiving payments in parts than on the work itself😁

This is not all customers go. They are also people, and they are also afraid. You can understand them, too. But, in practice, those who order 3d visualization are more secure than those who execute it, and for him, the agreed amount is still a lesser risk than for the performer. For the customer not to give an advance payment, rather than saving, but a certain excitement, a lever of pressure.

Therefore, work without prepayment = work for free.

However wild it may sound, the rule applies even to regular customers.

It's like when you take a book in a library and do not give it away, but not because you need it, but simply because it's your fake to carry it to the library.

Just like here, you do not want to be thrown, just break off to deal with the issue of payment, taking advantage of your loyalty, postponing it for later, and then for later, and then for later ... And so you, instead of doing your work, are engaged in " Knocking out ", spoiling your nerves and mood and yourself and the client 🙄

28 Mar, 2012 peaceDi
28 Mar, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
oh, you guys are such good fellows that all this writing here 🙂 what would I have done without you 🙂: *

1 Apr, 2012 Geka_ZP
1 Apr, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
As for the rendering, if Projects really large and requires large RESOURCES to render (ie 40 hours to render - animatsmya) that is a useful site "Rebus Farm" where all you rendered, though nezabesplatno over same. But it was easier to know how much throw the customer for rendering, and not just during the render will you busy affair, and not to sit near the monitor and wait until the end render. 👍

12 Apr, 2012 Trolonavt
12 Apr, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Good afternoon. Prompt what to do in such a situation (or how do you do)? In my city of interior design will cost about $ 10 per square meter. Well, for one imaging (so to speak with one set and arrangement of furniture) just to count: $ 10 * area = everything is clear. And what to do if a customer needs a few different options (different placement and type of furniture)? Every new visualization of charts as a new project, which means each square meter of each new project considered still under $ 10? (Let's not get hung up on is the cost at $ 10, just ineteresen principle) Thanks in advance.

27 Apr, 2012 As
27 Apr, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
By the way, yes, the question is not affected Trolonavta what to do in this case? do not take the full price for what peretaskat furniture or mats can be changed .. take half price for 1 sq.m. or 1/4 ... how else?

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Apr, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! As I have said, the assessment "on the square" is needed only for the client. To him it was easier to estimate the cost of the work. You also need to evaluate their work according to the labor costs, that is, the time spent multiplied by, in fact, the cost of time. Doing you a new project, to attach the old ... does not matter. How long have you worked so much and is worth your work. And if all rested want to calculate the price of the squares, making it currently the same problems - quantifiable, break your head - tormented! I just do not advise accordingly give some recommendations such as one-fourth the cost, etc. - Silly. If you, on the creation of the project, spent 3 days, and on its alteration spent 5days, simply because the client could not decide, requiring different options, and doing it with your Pourciau, I do not see why you should give him 5 days ¼ of their value. The cost of work lasting 8 days, will cost as much as eight-day work on the new, the old, super old😁 ... it does not matter. Baggage 8 days and get behind them, as for 4.25 days (3rd full 0.25 * 5 ¼ of their cost) - not to respect themselves 🙄

1 May, 2012 Anatoliy
1 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! Help evaluate the animation, you need to clip the duration of 1.30 on the similarity of this here. How to calculate the cost of such an animation? Make need everything from modeling to the final video.

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
1 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! And you do before doing similar? You know how much work is necessary to create such a movie? 😁

1 May, 2012 Anatoliy
2 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
That's what I'm afraid of something😁 volume did not understand, like all simple but works here God forbid certainly ...

2 May, 2012 mOPs
2 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
"Like all plain"😁 it when watching video, then yes. And when to sit down and make at least 5 seconds of this, then you know how difficult it all😉 And I liked the movie 👍

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
3 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]


Let's figure it out.

We will talk about this video, an example, but, circumcised after 1min 30 seconds (the original movie 5 min). Accordingly, proportionately, missing a lot of details. What you need, I do not know. Therefore, we will focus on it.

And so, any animation begins with the script. It is necessary to understand that simply to take and "make on a photo" animation, as it happens with statics, it is impossible. You need to think through each step, every move, every second of the animation.
Where the camera is looking, what is displayed in the frame, how the movement is going on. What to detail, what to simplify.
Strange as it may seem, the process of inventing a movie script, taking into account all the requirements, can take a lot of time. Since it is necessary not only to enter into the essence of the process that needs to be shown, but also to think over its demonstration. In addition, everything will be necessary, in a convenient form, to provide the client (the option "on the fingers" is not considered). So, you have to write / draw a script. This sketch is called a story, from the English Storyboard. If not for a second, then at least the main key frames need to be drawn. Even if it is conditional.
Story + agreement with the client. Feel free to allocate two working days.

That is, 8 * 2 = 16 hours for the script.

Further, when everything is coordinated, when the scenario is approved, it's time to start modeling the objects of the scene. It should be taken into account that some parts of 3d models will be mobile. This will impose additional demands on them and add work. Sometimes it's very important.

I do not know what you're doing, but if you talk about the video on an example, then on modeling this scene, with all the details, one chela, it will take a week! Let's assume. Something can be bought, in the store of 3d models, for example a drill, some 3d models, find in their archive, for example, a bowl of a toilet bowl. This will save time, but this is hardly likely. As a rule, in such cases, when a unique technological process is shown, everything is also unique and there is nothing to find. On this, a week immediately and then, it's rude.

Often, on forums, talk about what is done in a couple of hours, etc .. I mean, such 3d models, but it's nothing more than words. They, in fact, once did not do this, but only judge by external, apparent, simplicity. So, that here "a couple of hours" does not get off.

That is, 5 * 8 = 40 hours for modeling.

And it's rude, not making out the details. That it is necessary to make only one thread on the cog, according to the drawing. Who modeled, he will understand😁

Now go to the textured and create the materials.
A day or two, without ceremony.
Let the day.

That is, 8 hours for materials / textures.

Here we are, smoothly and approached to, actually, the animation.
Here you need a day, and then, not as literally as on a video.
It should be noted that the video is very good. Everything is done very competently and no matter how hard you try, if you do not have the experience, then you will not do it anyway.
Therefore, we are talking about the primitive animation "Arrived-Departed"😁, and not as in the video, if the pipe protrudes, then it jerks from side to side before it disconnects, if the level rises, then an air bubble, etc., E. ..

The one who already has experience with animation, a simple flight / approach, will take a day.

That is, 8 hours for the animation.

Uh, no.
Now set the light and render. Let the setting of the scene three hours. However, a minute thirty seconds, this, with the storyboard, say, 30 frames per second, 90 seconds * 30 car / sec = 2700 frames.
For us, 2700 frames, this is two thousand seven hundred renderers😁

Even if, with the best "layout", you bring the speed of rendering one frame to at least one minute, that for a realistic picture there is not much at all, rather very little, then you will have to wait 2700 minutes, that is 2700/60 = 45 hours . But, in practice, rendering one frame, of such quality, as for example, without noise and artifacts, on an ordinary computer, will take min 10, at best. So, that either a farm, or a week buzzing company. Of course, all this time, normal work on the computer will be paralyzed.

Here, in parallel, the question arises whether to consider or not to consider the render time, as the time of work, because all this time there is nothing to do on the computer can not. The answer is not entirely unambiguous. Yes and no. Count 45 hours of rendering, as 45 hours of hard work on the project - you can not. This, in general, is your problem, that your computer is not ready for animation.
But you can not do it for free either, so you can throw five more hours.

That is, 3 + 5 = 8 hours, to render the animation.

That's it?

Now you have 2700 pictures, which you need to put text on, paste screensavers, where you need to correct bugs, perform color correction, etc.
In other words, the time of compositing.
It's still a day and a half.

That is, 12 hours for compositing.

That's it?
Theoretically yes, but practice shows that now it's time to show your creation to a client who, almost guaranteed, will make some adjustments. It can take as much time as you want. But we will take the most innocuous situation. Day for amendments.

That is, 8 hours for amendments, at the initiative of the client.

Now that's all.

Total: 16 + 40 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 12 + 8 = 100 hours.

So it's more understandable, why do films with computer graphics have such budgets? 😁

A foreign specialist who deals with CG, payment, about $ 25 per hour. For specialists in the CIS countries, the price of working time is more modest. Somewhere at $ 10 an hour.

That is, the price of such a video, for someone who knows how to do it, 100 hours * 10 dollars / hour = $ 1000.

What should I advise you?

First, you must understand that you will be twice as busy, if not in three.
Unless, if you do not rivet the frank "G".

Secondly, the cost of your time is significantly lower than the time of the more experienced 3d artist.

Thirdly, if your client is not ready to wait for several weeks, while you at his expense will be practicing the creation of commercials, then you should either abandon this work or state the current state of things. Maybe you will find some compromise. It happens that the work is not necessary urgently and the person is ready to wait three times longer, but to get what he wants. At the same time for a more loyal price. But here everything is individual.

The topic is not less. In general terms, you should focus on 100 hours of work time, and the client, for a price, about $ 1000😉

1 May, 2012 Anatoliy
4 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Thank you, Anton! Do not expect to get such a detailed response 🙂 But really, if you sit down and figure out the volume, and then it turns ... the customer successfully merged, because I thought that this is done for 2-4 thousand ($ 70-140)😁 I am the way at the very beginning, tentatively named a price of 300-400 rubles ($ 10-13) per second, so it was about.

7 May, 2012 Katerina
7 May, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Wow, this movie will never be worth 140 bucks, and even 1,000 !. From such nedoklintov should stay away. Even if he will return with the collected amount-not grasp. All the blood you drink, considering that in these unfortunate dollrov 1000 it will be a VIP client. Anton tried over the course costing roller, but the cost turned out not plausible anyway. I watched the video clip to and from. There is an experience of such work. I must say that this video will cost 3000dollarov and much higher. It is a commercial, infomercial, which will bring the company money, it will be her face. And he wants to say that the face of the company worth 170 or $ 1,000 ??? It's not even funny. If he is from a wretched company, tell him about it, if not to count on the solid things.

4 Jun, 2012 sanq_ag
4 Jun, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
I think Katherine, you are right as anyone else. 👍

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
4 Jun, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
I suggest, though, a closer reading I have described working conditions. 1000 USD, for amateurish animahu (read I described conditions), duration 1 minute 30 seconds (read the conditions I have described), with a double, or even triple, the manufacturing period (read the conditions described by me), this is quite an adequate price. Read not in line, please😁 And as regards animahi on video, of course, its price is more than 3000 USD😉

1 Apr, 2012 Geka_ZP
4 Jun, 2012 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
very interesting and competent reasoning 👍 ... although experience in such works do not have. 🙄 By the way, somebody will prompt any major sites for freelancers, where there are orders for 3d modelers?

15 Apr, 2014 Sergey
15 Apr, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello, the topic certainly is old, and the answers it seems complete and detailed, but they are no longer a novice in modeling, and so to say "seasoned", but has not reached a high professional level. But how is it that a newcomer to evaluate their work, which is already in a position to perform a qualitative model, but the time spent will not be comparable to similar professional costs? In addition, it was correctly noted that the issue is not even much do you want for your job, but in as much as you are willing to pay for it, but in fact even the starting price should be out of something "come up" 🙂 In order to specify a question, take say, pot, kettle and something more complicated, such as a car. What is the cost of such models? How to evaluate them? And more so a question: how to relate to the cost model and the cost of the finished model in the online store? That is, if the store model costs $ 50 for example, how much is a simulation model?

5 Sep, 2014 Iren
5 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! Irina. City Cheboksary. I love this site. Once upon a time, 2 years ago, when I started to learn 3ds max and search for information on the coverage, I stumbled upon renderstuff. It's just a treasure. Since then, my knowledge are constantly replenished and renders a lot better. Although much is still to come, and, says Anja (gus_ann), I realize that nothing really still do not know🙂. But 3d graphics to me very interesting and stop there, I'm not going to. Recently started doing private commissions, up to this time only studied 3ds max and made portfolio. And I have a question: how do you arrange the relationships with customers. Some kind of agreement or simply on faith prepaid? The Internet did not find a sensible answer.

6 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
6 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
By and large - it does not matter. It is important to only one to receive money for their work. And there as it suits you best. Are you afraid that will not be paid-take 100% prepayment and execute the contract. Do not want to pay at once, take a hundred percent, and 50. I do so, I am doing a project and when design visualization have already been approved, take the money, and then give the drawing documentation. Because the design is not only because of the beautiful pictures. First of all necessary drawings and plans, for which the design will be built. Just pictures usually do not matter. If the order is purely on visualization, and design is not my job and came through the Internet, then only 100% advance payment. Otherwise you will not defend yourself in any way.

12 Sep, 2014 Andrey
12 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
It's simple: the rough render payment to, finishing - after payment 👌

6 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
12 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
There are very bright, which you only need to design the idea, and they are ready for the rough and navigate. So I think -So approach is not an option.

17 Sep, 2014 darya
17 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Good afternoon! I would like your help to assess its performance in USD 🙂 chairs and tables and a chandelier and flowers taken from the library (it certainly affects the price :🙂🙂 last modified Anton (RenderStuff): Images deleted on request of the user .

6 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
19 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Daria, why no one answers. Yes, work is priceless! But a little bit in a different capacity. I've plucked up the nerve to tell you, just ask. How can you evaluate the work? Maybe it modellingu but challenging things you did not do yourself. Visualization is very plohaya- at least look at the carpet, the texture is stretched, low quality. The very picture clearly casts a lemon tint, no contrast, modulations of light reflections. It is simply impossible to sell. Though, here comes another point, if you can sell your own product? If you find a buyer, then well done, and need to sell as expensive as possible. Adequate buyer who knows what he is buying and at what price, will not give anything for this picture. Can 1USD for the effort, and then, for purely nested work, realizing that the man still did, but he was little experience. So, no offense, I understand that the efforts invested, but they have to be many times more that could be sold.

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

Hello everybody!

Lullaby, even the most realistic image (3d visualization) is not worth nothing. It is worth the ability to perform the task. Maybe the task was to show not a realistic picture, just geometry in any capacity. Then you coped with it. How much does it cost? Yes, for as much as you agreed with the client to provide this service, to create an unrealistic picture.

However, according to this picture, you can still estimate the level of the visualizer, that is, what earnings per hour (rate) it can claim. Precisely to say it is impossible, seeing only a picture, the exact price depends on speed of performance of reference work. However, it is for realism, we can assume that your qualification is below 5 USD per hour. Somewhere around 3 USD. Why is it so, because an experienced visor does not once try to do realistically. He simply does as he always does and always receives an average realistic result because all his techniques have been honed to automatism, and honed techniques are techniques for creating a photorealistic picture.

For example, if I'm asked to make such a picture as yours, I can spend as much or even more time manufacturing it than making it myself, but more photorealistic, as I will look for a way to break the white balance and lose the contrast.

If you just wanted to know the approximate level of your qualification on the example of this picture, then I think you found out. If you want to find out how much you can really sell your qualification, then read this discussion, the recipe is described in great detail here. If the question is, how much you can sell this picture, it's her customer, then there's already a deal, there's no pricing. Say "one hundred bucks" !!! 😁 If the customer twists at the temple, then say "oh, I meant 50"😁 and so on until he starts to smile😁

If you want to find out how the pros do it, that is, how they sell their work, then they clearly know their rate and going out of it and the time it takes to work evaluate the manufactured product or BEFORE its creation, if the scope of work is obvious, or after, just by The fact of the time spent😉

19 Sep, 2014 Anatoliy
19 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Zdravstuyte! Watch for a resource already about 3 months podcherpnul a lot of useful. Now I work in a furniture company, engaged in manufacturing renderer for sales and booklets. After reading recent comments I was wondering how much should I evaluate my work, because I get paid in a factory of 15 000 per month, and I'm small🙂 All work is done at different times, it is laid out in chronological order. Korabelnaya bedroom surrendered a week ago. Ottoman, stool and sofa modeled himself on the drawings / Reference; room only visualized. I hope the colors are displayed normally because a home computer the same pictures appear some bleak and cold, while at work all gorgeous. Want to hear some rtg you would have given me, and how much I could get for the last picture, if it was a one-time work, provided that the models of furniture (bed closet and so on.) I gave the customer. And the task was to make photorealistic rendering for advertising / sales purposes.

20 Sep, 2014 Oleg
20 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Anatoly, and how much you yourself would appreciate your work? For example, taking into account the time spent and the quality of the resulting photo-realistic visualization?

19 Sep, 2014 Anatoliy
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
He would know not ask) the previously mentioned here that your work is worth as much as you paid for it, but not too much 15K rubles. I would like to get 25, but xs, objectively or not, maybe it's time to higher numbers to navigate)

17 Sep, 2014 darya
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Thank you friends for dressing 🙂 it is always helpful! Then there was a practical matter it is carpeted. it had a texture I have only as such: This carpet sicis, but the site of this company, I did not find this carpet. The customer said that the quality of the carpet is not another, so I stuck this is his ustroit.No another thing, if he had a claim, then what? As for such a miracle is possible to build a stencil? Do I need to draw in some prog in its entirety (or 1/4) in color or do a few bw masks for individual colors and already in max under them "lay a" mosaic of different colors? More question for Gus_ann, of course explain that not so thankless, but still: a little more which lacks iridescence of light and reflections. Lemon color was chosen diaynerom 🙂 Thank you!

21 Sep, 2014 Ilya_sp
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Anatoly, answer honestly? I do not know where you live and what your salary level. But in our town salesman with no experience and HE gets more. On the other hand, as far as I know, our furniture companies, they are focused on students who could not afford to find second jobs elsewhere. Hence wages. Darya, open a good professional interior photos, look at the light. Visualization - is, as the picture, 90%, "about the light." You are not expressive lighting, without contrasts, and even on all sides. The result is fresh, flat picture. You are not a photographer, which is often limited by the shooting conditions. In 3d render you - God. Do what you need.

21 Sep, 2014 Ilya_sp
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Regarding the "bad texture." You set your own level of quality of their work. Does not the customer. It is you and your reputation. Giving a bad job, you risk to face the situation: - ooo. and who it is done to you? - And this is Daria - I will not go to her and talk to friends. and still it will be that the first customer has arranged such a texture and you always do everything super, just this time were such conditions. By law, meanness necessarily bad picture pops up somewhere. Do not give her a chance 🙂

19 Sep, 2014 Anatoliy
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
I live in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. The average salary in our 12-15K per month. In his organization, I the only one who knows Max, and to me they used the services of freelancers. Of course there are people who get more. But it's not that. "However, on this picture, it is still possible to evaluate precisely the level of the visualizer, ie a wage per hour (rtg), he can claim. Similarly, we can not say, seeing a picture, the exact price depends on the speed of the reference work. However, it is for realism You can assume that your qualification is below USD 5 per hour. Somewhere in the region of 3 USD "that's it for this I came. During the actual figure. 🙂

6 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Reflection is not enough everywhere. Chandelier-it for some gold, let frosted, but it should be gold, shine, texture ... Glass on the chandelier, it turned out that he was a hundred years did not wash it in the dust, so does not shine and is not poured, not play highlights. Then due to improper illumination lost all invoice-obscured what made sofa is leather or fabric? The skin should be shiny, matte fabric more. Decorative panels wood or just painted? The door well, certainly in texture should be different from the panels. Having a wood pattern, let the top and painted. And then, the door height of the ceiling? It is what it is height-2800mm? Or a ceiling height of 2100? Something like this.

17 Sep, 2014 darya
21 Sep, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Thank you! All uchtu!

14 Oct, 2014 Youcanfly
14 Oct, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello. I would like to ask what level of work should start offering your services as a 3D visualizer? Is it worth it to fill his hand until a dozen high-quality work or better to learn on the fly? Should I look for working professionals who would take for the first time an assistant? At what level of quality necessary to be guided to perform the so-called * * routine work? How to get the most informative and at the same time an artistic perspective and whether to seek to get it? Should * cheat * when rendering? (For example to add multiple light sources to illuminate a particular object, despite the fact that in reality, this lighting will not be) Well, the general question of how to stop to him to find fault with us, so * have grown * to offer its services? Thanks in advance for all the answers and opinions 🙂

29 Nov, 2014 Aleksandr
29 Nov, 2014 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Youcanfly, you at least know how to show it. Campaign work to study well and money, but if you do not currently manage reputation stained strongly. So it is best practice that would realistically assess their strength and timing. Sly can (and should) only gently. Generally well-positioned lights and furniture laid by themselves to create harmony and without tricks.

7 Jul, 2015 Yana
7 Jul, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Good day! Guys, did 3d visualization of townhouses for construction firms: Tell me the real price of such work, it is desirable for Ukraine), and criticism is welcome)

6 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
7 Jul, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

Yana, this is a plan for arranging furniture. Which can be done in this capacity in any program including auto-cad.
In fact - on how much to arrange ... if you buy, for the amount which put, then sell.
In general, this is a weak job. Based on materials, etc. Again, I do not know what was required of you .....
All the requests are different. Some want super realistic visualization, some need to understand what will be (furniture, cabinets, cabinets, car, garage, how many outlets and switches and under what.)
Communicating on the Internet, I found out one thing - there is an average price for everything. The question is that .... Furniture somewhere costs more, somewhere cheaper, and so on, including perfume and food .... You can not say in general the price for your work, not knowing all the subtleties of the region in which you live And those prices from which you are repelled.
Let's say ... Here is one of my latest works. Like not like it is not discussed. Made according to the tastes of a particular customer:

Something from your theme in the last perspective is traced ...
There are shortcomings and very noisy zones. But in my region the client is not picky about this matter ... Therefore he misses the eyes and says thank you.
This, of course, is a difficult job and one must come to this. Now I would do without noise. But the realization that I can do better comes to me only now. Just need to improve, practice, read all sorts of uncountable lessons and try them, something is eliminated at once, from somewhere a piece is taken, and then it is worked out .... Something then you come up with yourself and so you refine your visa. In general, 3D is a long way and tricky. It is necessary somehow to adapt to it. And for many it is difficult.
For my work, two angles of which I showed, (total foreshortening 34), a total of about 50 squares. I took - 500 euros. The price is always for the square, as a rule .... Perhaps for some region it is not enough, but for some it's a lot, but I say that there is. 🙄

7 Jul, 2015 Yana
8 Jul, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
gus_ann, thanks for the reply! 🙂 In fact of the matter is that the required visualization in a form as shown in me, not pokomnatno. The task - a nice image to attract a buyer. Naturally, at this distance, laborious work (at this stage of knowledge) is not seen (I live in Kiev, offering $ 50. Calms himself that it was all the same experience and the beginning of work in this area)

8 Jul, 2015 Aleh (3d modeling expert)
8 Jul, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
On the one hand, 50 dollars for such work - very few (if you do everything yourself, and not to collect the finished material). On the other hand, each work need to try to do perfectly well, especially if it is the first order. The quality of the image to make it pleasant and attractive, you still work and work. So to squeeze out a maximum of quality, follow deadlines to meet and take a 50-ku. And further, if you keep the cooperation, just count your hourly rate based on how much you want to earn per month. From this, and will be repelled by the cost of the work.

8 Dec, 2015 Darya
8 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

Good day to all!

I would like to touch upon the issue of the cost of work in the aspect of alterations and alterations.

That's the problem. For example, the cost of work on visualization of the interior of ~ 4.5 $ / sq. M. For an interior of average complexity-an easy classics, furniture from libraries.

1) The designer has only a plan for arranging furniture:

There are some nodes specific (for example, in the living room-kitchen there is an exact drawing of a kitchen set in a classic and a chest of drawers). The designer says that the customer still does not know what he exactly wants, and therefore the designer refuses to accurately select the furniture and do the sweeps / floor / ceiling plans. On the one hand, it's good-you do not need to look for an exact copy of the furniture. And on the other, this is a constant change. For example, the option of sofas was 4, chairs-3, tables-2 it.d. That is, 3-d is used as a search tool-a manual thumbnail. All is selected on the go and finish too. How much does it increase the initial cost?

2) Is it true that usually everyone is used to the fact that in these ~ 4.5 $ / sq. M. Already included some rework, as well as several options for color solutions. THAT there is a designer in the right to demand several variants of sketches? To me now the designer says that usually 2-3 variants of finishing are included in the price 3d. For example, the same living room- what and how many times has it been repainted (there are walls, furniture, floor, etc.)? How can we discuss this beforehand so that the project does not turn into an endless repainting?

3) Who usually selects accessories-flowers in vases, painting, table lamps. In the same drawing room, the colors in the vase were 4 :🙂🙂 the designer selected by busting :🙂🙂 This is also a change-4 vases * 3 pictures * 3 lamps = many, many renders

Share your experience 🙂

Thank you!

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
11 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]


Before you figure out who is paying for the alterations and how to count them, one should understand in general where the very conventional method of estimating the production of the image "per square meter" of the area shown in this image by several dozen pixels appeared.
Even sounds silly😁

Turning to some complex service, the first thing the customer wants is to get the exact cost of this service. But the problem is that it is the complexity of the service that does not allow you to accurately determine its cost. After all, even a very experienced performer can not determine exactly how difficult it will be for him to do this or that form, to achieve this or that result. It is almost impossible to do this, because in the process of work "details" can be obtained, which either complicate or, conversely, simplify the work.

For example, I have more than 10 years of professional experience in 3d visualization, and have long been working alone. It would seem that someone, and I certainly must be able to accurately and accurately assess the labor costs for a particular workflow. But we will not go far, literally last week the customer asked to say when the work for him will be ready. Estimating all possible labor costs, including with a small margin, I reported that the work will be ready by Monday this week. In fact, I write these lines today on Friday, and the work is still in the process and very well, if today I'll give it up in the second half of the day. Why is that? Yes, because "got out" there is a bug, but then it turned out you can not do as desired, I had to do it differently. For example, the same simulation of a fabric can immediately lie down beautifully, and it may be necessary to rework 5 times, until at random, creating jams become part of a realistic composition. Illumination of a bottle in an excellent studio can take no more than the rendering time, or a complete reworking of the studio may be required, simply because the neck of the bottle is slightly different and the highlight from the standard reflector simply does not lie on it and that's it. And this can not be foreseen exactly at 100%. Only with a large share of conventionality and the experience of similar projects can be estimated.
In other words, the assessment of work is an assessment of the efforts to implement it. And how much effort will have to be applied to perform a particular job can only be estimated in a very abstract way for the reasons described above. It is such an abstract and ooooochen averaged way is the evaluation of efforts to create a series of images in the form of prices per square of the visualized area. Why for the area? Yes, simply because there is nothing to become attached to. At the same time, by estimating the density (number) of models of furniture in the scene, their complexity, as well as the complexity of the finish, you can estimate the amount of labor that will ultimately determine their volume. And the amount of work, as we already know, is the amount of labor costs for which the market in principle determines the price. This, for example, those same ~ 4.5 $ / sq. M. An interior visa in such and such a style.

By negotiating with a client for a particular job and voicing the price, you actually voice the price of your work, simply averaging them up to the labor costs for visualizing similar premises. That is, you know that for a visa of such a room, you will spend so much energy.

What if you spend more energy than the agreed price? That is, the squares, say, came out $ 500, and in fact the effort was spent on 550 or 600?

The answer to this question can be given to oneself by answering the opposite, that is, if you call $ 500 on squares, and the work "went well," and in fact there were efforts of no more than $ 300, you will return to the client at least 100, or else And 200 dollars? 😁😁😁

Why am I doing this? And to the fact that if you are almost mistaken, and you did not come to please the client from the first time and you are asked to "move the chair slightly to the left", "make the carpet hairy" or "instead of painting an elephant on the wall, insert a picture with a flower", then you need This is done within the agreed price for the agreed work. A little move, a little correct it is normal, this is part of the agreed work.

Now they tell you that everything is fine, everything is done as we asked before starting the work, but now I want to replace all the furniture and hang the wallpaper on all the walls. And here it is necessary to understand that this is not an alteration of the old, it is a completely new work with conditions not stipulated earlier. That is, they are additional, new and will require additional labor, which was not evaluated initially, when naming such a price per square meter. How can you include additional efforts in the price of what is valued without taking them into account? After all, if you were told right away by the client, here's the task BUT (!) I MUST ask you to make three more furniture options and five trim options. I would, in your place, EXACTLY named the price more than $ 4 per square.
Is it logical?

Now on the points:

1) How much does the cost of the work increase, if significant alterations are needed?
The initial cost increases exactly by the number of additional labor costs not estimated and not affected by the figure of the original cost. Additional costs must be paid, unless otherwise agreed with the client in advance.
For example, you safely call $ 8 per square, knowing that there is really work for 4 bucks, and even after a major alteration, you will still stay in the desired plus. Then it is possible to make these alterations to the client as if for free. If these alterations turned out to be more than expected, but there was a contract with the client to do any alterations within the initial price - these are your problems. Do them in the minus yourself to keep the contract.
If such alterations are not agreed in advance, the client is obliged to pay in addition. Without options.

2) Is it true that in the price per square meter of room visualization are included alterations?
And the truth is not true.

It is worthwhile to understand that there are different specializations within the framework of both one and several industries. The assessment of work always depends on the specialization, and on the industry.

Vizer-kastschik (from the word custom - individually [developed]) is the main specialist in the field of visualization, his primary goal is an accurate and artistic visual representation of a thoughtful project. Using precise models, regardless of their origin (he himself modeled / ordered / bought a ready, exactly suitable model), he is focused on the final result. Its rendering is the final product for the end customer. There are no alterations, for everything that should be as a result is clearly stipulated in advance in the precise completed technical assignment. If what he did does not correspond to the design, then this is his personal error and he must correct it without any additional payments. If the result corresponds, then any additions are a separate work with its price.
Custom visualization is a slow, meticulous and highly paid process.

Vizer-merger (from the word merge - to pour into the scene) (not the manager !!!😁 a modger) is a technical assistant for the visualization of a specialist in the field of design, his goal is to help the designer (not the client) decide on the final idea of ​​the future design , Showing the designer's intermediate idea of ​​"live" at this stage of development. For those designers who can not, or do not want to represent the future project in the imagination, visualizer-regger services are irreplaceable. Visualizer-regulator is always, at least half, an assistant in the design, it allows the designer to determine the overall style, mood, color scheme of the project even before the final solution appears.
The process of selecting a solution inevitably involves many variations and the need to make changes quickly, which, in turn, imposes the need to reduce the cost of visualization. Costs are reduced by allowing inaccuracies in models and low requirements for artistic and technical perfection of the render.
The main technical difference between a regger and a customizer is not that it uses ready-made models, many customers also do it, the difference is that it is almost impossible to find all the necessary models for sale on a strict technical assignment (the exact form of a particular furniture module of a particular firm in the catalog ) And most of them, one way or another, the craftsman is forced to manufacture independently. While the merger, you should not do anything at all, because it does not work with the final idea, and its task is to put there a chair of "such a plan" or "similar to this one". By giving such a commission to the modger, the designer nominally expects that using the model will be of a rough quality or any other, because the main thing is that they were either a minimum price or not free of charge. That is, the main work that makes the merge is merzhit cheap models in the scene. Actually, therefore, in the triad jargon, it is called the merge. It is quite obvious that the visualizer-regulator required by the project can (and, from the financial point of view, it is obliged) to have considerably less qualification in comparison with that required for custom rendering. And, of course, I have to use cheap ready-made approximately suitable 3d models. And all this is done quickly, without repercussions. These are the main reasons for the low evaluation of the work of the testers.

When you ask if a couple of significant alterations are included in the average price of visualization per square, if you are a visualizer-meter? That, of course, includes and the designer has the right to demand several variants of sketches. At the same time, exactly the same price per square meter for custom rendering, not only does not include rework, it is also indecently low.
If you want to position yourself as a custom visor, and in fact perform the role of a regulator, you should more carefully choose projects and your role in them.

3) Who usually picks up specific small interior accessories?
Again, it depends on what type of cooperation with the trideshnik designer is oriented. If he expects to get the final product for the project, he must transfer all the details, including the decor elements to the final render. If the orientation is to select a solution, then it is convenient for him. Maybe he can say it, maybe he can ask you.

How to act in compromise cases, with a combination of duties? The matter of mutual discussion with the client. There are no GOSTs and stencils in this matter, everything needs to be spoken individually with every new customer of your services😉

8 Dec, 2015 Darya
18 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Good afternoon, thank you very much for such a voluminous reply! Especially valuable that it was written in a time trouble. The most life-affirming in the text that the venerable 3D-Schnick, and beginners alike spend time in the fight with 3ds max for the beauty of the project 🙂 It would seem, RenderStuff already have to invent the coveted key to "make nice" to make money easily and quickly .. .but there 🙂 1) I would like to clarify my thoughts on how to survive Wieser-Merger on freelancing (because the designer does not always need to build a custom interior). It's one thing when you're sitting in the office, and you have a salary and the amount of rework a little worried about you. Another thing, when you are working remotely, call for work on the average market price, and then for the money you overcome alterations indefinitely. In a happy coincidence, interior visualization of 2-room Khrushchev may take a year 🙂 2) interesting visualization studio take only perform custom interiors? Probably it is not profitable to take projects with an open amount of rework. How are they beneficial for themselves their way are calculated in the contract? For example, in the price includes no more than 20% in excess of the time spent on the initial assembly of the interior. 3) You make only custom interiors? (With exteriors in this respect is somehow easier, I think. Still Architects has not only draw the plans and sections, elevations and roof plans :🙂 4) What, in your view, the percentage of the market is occupied by custom work

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]


Anybody keen on his business, a baker, carpenter, hairdresser or even a surgeon, wants to do his job beautifully. Even the seller in the store, who likes the work, puts the goods on the shelves so that they just want to pass by and admire them, even if you do not need these goods now. Where there is a visualizer, which is initially focused on the visual quality of what it does. There are exceptions, but such people by definition are "not at ease" and they should change their profession. But we will not talk about them.

1) Merger - by definition, a survivalist in the field of 3D. If you want to stay in the segment of the merge, but intending to earn more than the merger earns, there is nothing comforting to say I can not. There is a canteen at the factory, and there is a chef in an elite restaurant. It seems to be both in the same sphere of catering, but here's the earnings are very different. The only way to earn the first one is to get a job as a chef in a restaurant, having first raised his skills to the required level.

I think you should act in this direction. If you do not succeed, then you, either change the field of activity, or accept everything as is. There is a demand for vendors, they are also needed and also do useful work, but this work has a specific market price. Someone will not pay more, because the competition in this segment is very high. Everyone wants to sit in the comfort of the home on the armchair, rearrange virtual objects in the virtual space, sipping warm tea, and for this also receive money.

If you once worked in an office that is also located "far away from the world," then remember what a pain to get up a few hours before work, force yourself to get out of a warm bed, hastily prepare breakfast, dress, shoe and drag yourself out into the street. And in the street it's winter, cold weather, public transport, there are coughing sweating people in it, there's nothing to breathe, crush, rudeness and so good hour of the way in this company. At work, you are already powerless after all that morning's nightmare. At work, the team, which also has its advantages, but also its minuses. Dress code, culture of behavior, not a personalized workplace, turmoil. When you want to go ask permission, you need to come strictly in so much then, leave no sooner than that much. But the end of the working day is evening, again public transport, street cold, crush, rudeness. If you know the above, then remember all this and think about it, maybe you have tripled quite well, even with all the alterations of the same project for 4s of a square square. If you are not familiar, for general development, meet. Settle on the job, in some office. Perhaps it turns out that 4 bucks for all that you told is not so bad and even staying in the segment of the regger you can enjoy life😁

Just do not forget about the crisis, which, of course, is in your region and most likely will only grow. It is unreasonable to deny it. On the contrary, it must be taken into account and ready, that the time will come "not to fat to be alive." Then it will not be until the custom 🙄 visa, and perhaps your services will just be in favor. It is not comforting, but the sooner this is accepted, the better you will be ready for the inevitable.

We have already passed all this in 2008m. By the way, exactly then RenderStuff was born, because there was almost no work and we could devote our hobby almost all the time. There would be no happiness, so "misfortune" helped😁

2) I can not say for all. But we calculate the price of work after the fact. We estimate it in man-hours. Even for new customers, we report an approximate estimate of labor costs, but we warn that the final price will be adjusted. If the labor costs have exceeded the prepayment, then everything that should be paid for is included in the post-payment. If less effort is spent than was already paid, we return the difference in price, or we transfer the balance to the next project if the client wants to continue working with us.

3) We have not been engaged in architectural visualization for several years. In our opinion there has long been no money. A huge number of low-quality, but free or shareware models depreciated the work of the archivisor, as this increased competition between designers who previously used only a custom visa and those to whom visualization as a means of presenting the idea was simply not available at all. As a result, in order to keep the previous level of profit in a competitive environment, designers and architects have to save on visualization, instead of custom, order "such a highchair", "such a type of sofa there in the corner". We are engaged in subject-matter product-rendering, visualization of technical processes, medical visualizations. Recently, mostly we are talking about animations. Such work is by definition custom for if you visualize a prototype of a detail or product that does not physically exist yet, but only at the idea stage, then it is not possible to download it somewhere on the Internet and merge into a scene.

4) There is no statistical data on this score, but in our opinion, it is easy to determine this percentage. Go to the gallery of works on any archiviser's site and see how many of all laid out have an avar, that's about as much as a custom visa in real orders.


As for how to deal with rework, then in our opinion, the hybrid approach is the most flexible. That is, nominally, you consider work on squares, how many exactly specified remakes you include at the same price per square, but when all the corn is done, you count additional work by the hour. How many hours, in excess of the stipulated, you spent for "visualization of the interior of 2 room Khrushchev in a year", so much for a year and you pay the customer.

21 Dec, 2015 Liosha
21 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
RenderStuff, you yourself are distributing out how many models for free, so who devalued the work arhvizera ??

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
21 Dec, 2015 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]


Let's be honest with ourselves. The main contribution to the depreciation of the work of the archivisor was not made by the one who gave the model for commercial use for free (a certain measure of guilt lies on it, too), namely, the one who joyfully informed the client that he can transfer his work more cheaply, since he used "freebie" with The Internet. That is, he himself is an archivisor. Why talk about such a client? This is a banal dumping. Coming to the carpentry shop, behind the wooden window sill, you do not ask the joiner where he took the tools for his work, bought it in a store for a few thousand dollars or from the "daddy's garage" brought. Exactly, like the carpenter himself, he does not tell you, and even with joy, that the tool he inherited, so you have a half-price sill, just buy. And there is no deceit, the designer does not dedicate you to the relationship with the client and for how much he sold him your visualization, at least, so you do not have to disclose to him your "backstage". But now, it's too late. Having once shown to the client that there is an opportunity to save on this, even the frankly conservative 55-year-old auntie, a designer who hardly understands "how there all these tridemaxes work?" And selling designs for government old men on "gypsy mail", will clearly understand that There is an opportunity to get the service of archhvizas cheaper. And not abstractly, but because somewhere there are free "figures" of furniture. Many designers who themselves have nothing to understand in visualization, are already frankly surfing the catalogs of sites with a 3d ball and directly decorating T.Z. Links to the pages of specific models daunload. Did they find these sites themselves without being at all in the 3d theme? No. I know enough examples of this refuting. They were diluted specifically by the managers. So now we have to accept the fact that the merge is a separate formed class of archivists and they will not go anywhere. Merding will become the dominant one in the field of arkhviz. It was necessary to think strategically, and not to seek immediate tactical benefits.

Now, as for RenderStuff. As I wrote earlier, the main difference between a merge and a custom is the use of low-quality models, and most importantly "about the same." All our 3d models are photorealistic and any kastermaker will not be ashamed to put a cigar box on the desk in the office. It's not as cheap as his work. In principle, there is no difference, he pulled out this box from his personal archive of the developments or downloaded it from RenderStuff. Do you know why? And because the table, on which he will put this box, is a custom one, made according to the catalog of a specific manufacturer. Hardly anyone can perform at least one custom job, fully furnishing the interior with our models😁 Immediately, at the cleverest combinators, the question may arise: So why do you "put such smart" 3d models of tables, they should be Custom? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah? And now, if you have such a question, I want to scold you, because I have the right to co-author all the content on RenderStuff. Everyone that downloads something somewhere has a "holy" duty - to read the terms of use of the content being read, republished or downloaded. This does not apply to our site, it concerns the use of any copyright content, in principle, on any resource. If you followed this unshakable rule, you would know that we publicly prohibit the use of our models in commercial projects, which you can read below on each content page of RenderStuff. We do not hide the conditions in the far tabs, do not write them in small letters. At least read it now. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah? 😁😁😁

So for whom then are not our custom tables? They are for those, the cat only makes its first steps in 3d and wants to learn this craft. First of all for 3d visualizers. For, in order to learn how to adjust lighting, they do not have to first learn modeling, then texturing, after material science, and all just to assemble the test scene of the interior and there was at least a table and chair with already customized materials, and not just a box Room) with a hole for the window, he can download our modelka for his experiments😉

1 Jan, 2016 Vladimir
1 Jan, 2016 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Daria, you can not take for certain movements, and for a specific product - for example, in this case a certain image resolution (for example, 1600x1200). One picture is worth a 20 ye, the original package - 200 ue (10 Visa). The chair move - so no problem! 20 ue. Table repaint - 20 ue. Furniture to change and make the 5 types - 100 ue. In this case, the client knows what he pays for, and will behave responsibly, and not like "yes redo everything all that you have trouble or something." It is easy - 20 ye picture. 😉

10 Jan, 2016 ERema
10 Jan, 2016 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
the people who can help? there is an order for 3d max draw project is already finished strelbishe. 1800kv I do not know how to take a job

29 Mar, 2016 mah
29 Mar, 2016 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
as still as you can alter rendering if the architect is constantly asked to remake? and he has paid for 100%: |

7 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
4 Apr, 2016 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! Work can redo as many times as you have agreed with the customer to alter the amount you paid for. What you had an agreement?

5 Apr, 2016 ysb
5 Apr, 2016 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
Hello! 🙂 Faced with visualization of exterior and my stupor as the count value of the work? You need to show the full site, with a fence, a house, a garage, sauna and outdoor kitchen.

23 Aug, 2017 3dsalon.pro
23 Aug, 2017 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]

How do you estimate the cost of works on modeling, on these examples

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