Add dust to surface

29 Jun, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
29 Jun, 2014 # Re: Add dust to surface
Material Lusinyak with dust, the dust material is made very simple. Create content VrayBlendMtl. The Base material slot put the main subject of the material (plastic, wood, fabric, glass, etc. Etc., it is necessary). I specifically made so bright and cleaned up all the reflections that more evident was the idea: In the slot Coat material put VrayMtl, color Diffuse - this is the color of your dust (light gray, pick up the taste). Parameter Roughness = 0,8. Next is the right mix of these two materials through a mask, which will serve as a map Falloff: Its setting: render: If you seem too dense dust, change the white color to gray in the Falloff map, then the texture of the base material will be best viewed, show through. You can even move the different points of the curve, thereby increasing or decreasing the area of ​​the spread of dust. That's all we got dust on the protruding parts of objects with a touch above. To this dust passed from one object to another, you just have to choose the value Falloff curve for each subject.

30 Jun, 2014 Lusnyak
30 Jun, 2014 # Re: Add dust to surface
Dear gus_ann above all many thanks, I do not get tired of talking πŸ‘Œ you're just an amazing person. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ I will try all that you said as soon as I finish with modeling, I just do what is interesting, can I have this material applied to a group in which each object has its own material, such as a shelf with lots of books. I have to apply separately to each material VrayBlendMtl book or can simply access and impose only one on the whole. : | : | Thank you

29 Jun, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
30 Jun, 2014 # Re: Add dust to surface

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