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16 Apr, 2012 Irina
16 Apr, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Hello! Thank you very much for all the previous help !! Please tell me how to relief, made with the help of DISPLACE modifier, apply the road? I did the following: painted road lines, then BEVEL modifier and the resulting "road-plate" bent on the relief points. But it turns out not very nice. QUESTION: to do the same method, but bending thoroughly with a large number of CMV points, or you can make the roads in another way? (Comes to mind: the same incident tablecloths: ie if the road "dropped" on their form of relief). Attached is a picture that is impossible to me. THANK YOU!

16 Apr, 2012 Maks (Staff Author)
16 Apr, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max

Hello! The easiest way to make them a texture. Namely, create a black and white mask of roads and superimpose it in the form of a transparency map on the inclined and elevated 1mm relief object, with the corresponding asphalt material. As a more correct option, you can make a composite Blend material and use the same road map as a mask. For more information on how to use the blend material, read this link.

The advantage of this method is that if there is a terrain map, on which the dysplex was carried out, then probably there is a road map. If this is so, then keeping the mask of roads will not be difficult, and the max itself will not be confusing with a large number of objects and their polygons.

But if the roads are not marked in the source file, or, what is even more difficult, they need to be changed in the process, then this approach will be completely unjustified. Firstly, in the same photoshop it will be difficult to observe the correct geometric dimensions of the road; Secondly, then it will also be difficult to change them; And, finally, thirdly, to draw in one program, and to check in another is very inconvenient.

Therefore, as a more complex, but more flexible option is the use of a composite Conform object (in Compound Objects, next to the Booleans and lofts). The essence of it is that it "pulls" one object to another. That in this case, actually, you need 🙂 You create in the form of a top road with a one-way grid in any way (Loft, Editable Poly), without selecting a selection from it select Conform and there, with the Pick Wrap-To Object button, select the relief. It will pull the road onto the relief and incline the net of the relief into itself. This copy of the terrain can be turned off with the Hide Wrap-to Object option. In the case of roads, you also need to specify the type of projection Along Vertex Normals. After the conform, you can apply the Shell modifier to give the road a little bit of height.

This method is more privilny, requires a number of operations, but with it you can at any time make an adjustment to the road😉

19 Apr, 2012 Bjazymien
19 Apr, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max

In such cases I use the following method:
1. Relief - Editable Poly.
2. I create the material. On the diffuse color I assign a texture (drawing) of the general plan, on which roads, buildings and other are painted. I press the Show Shaded Material In Viewport button.
3. In max, I create Plane. I appoint to it the previously created material of the general plan. I adjust the Plane to the desired scale (or specify its specific dimensions, if necessary).
4. Over this Plane, I create a spline. Rather, by this spline, I "depict" or "circle" all the contours of roads and pedestrian connections. I edit the spline by points to the required level of proximity to the original drawing.
5. Remove the Plane with the general layout.
6. I lift the spline-path of the roads so that it is located on the Editable poly (relief) and does not intersect with it.
7. I highlight the relief Izhmu button Create Compound Objects - SHAPE MERGE (by nashenski - create a linked object - to adopt the form). Settings usually do not touch (like), and I press the button Pick Shape (poke the form), and I press my spline-path of roads.

After the above actions, the vertical projection of the road contour is usually transferred to the relief. Then I transfer the relief again to Editable Poly, and already there I'm distorted with polygons and dots (I delete manually), and I'm ready.

As a result, we have an Editable Poly relief object, in geometry whose edges, so to speak, represent the contours of the roads.
On the polygons of greenery - grass, on the polygons of the road - asphalt)
Cho has written a lot, and it seems like a lot faster🙂🙂

On the presented pictures there is a certain discrepancy of scale. And the method I described above is not very good for this relief simply because the gradients are too sharp. Roads do not tolerate differences ... at least such. It will look unnatural. Roads on this relief go either on the mound or on a cut. So here, most likely, I would make the roads of a separate Editable Poly, from which I would stretch the polygons for mounds and grooves in the sides, and the relief would have to be pressed or cut polygons for excavations. Well, something like this...

16 Apr, 2012 Irina
19 Apr, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Thanks everybody!!

31 May, 2012 ASRockus
31 May, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
This script is like, that's it, who could be useful

14 Jun, 2012 diga
14 Jun, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
as an alternative Terain conformer still have glue script . Free script from studio IToo RailClone authors and ForestPack

14 Dec, 2012 gus_ann
14 Dec, 2012 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Hello everybody! We got to the exterior, there is a problem with the tracks. The method described by Max (RenderStuff), it turns out great! Here's a test:

11 Apr, 2013 Alin
11 Apr, 2013 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Hello, no one can throw a link to the topic which describes the creation of a relief using displeysa as Irina wrote at the beginning (as I understand, this topic has been here), it is interesting to see how it was done, as well as the creation and placement of buildings. thank you in advance

21 May, 2013 Yekaterina
21 May, 2013 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Alin, everything is quite simple: take Plaine with the grid (the denser - the more detailed will be a relief) and a monochrome relief image in the same size and apply modifier displeys. The modifier settings rushes map relief and exhibit amplitude inclines territory🙂 material is a multi-level Bland

26 Feb, 2014 Yuliya
26 Feb, 2014 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Welcome !! Please tell me how to do bardyury on track for relief (by the method of Max (RenderStuff) ?? Please, please, it is very necessary !! 🙂 I made the track and bardyury do not know how .... (((

14 Dec, 2012 gus_ann
27 Feb, 2014 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Nothing complicated: I have a such a relief: I make a copy, and the original hide. A copy I was very spoiled. The purpose of all action - get a line, which will repeat the line and on the sides of the track, and just lie on the terrain. For example, the track is already there, I want her borders. On the contour of the existing track will draw the line. Then take advantage of tool Shape merdge allocate the relief will go to the Compound objects, Shape merdge it Pick Shape and click on a line were drawn. Put Cookie Cutter mode. The line sproitsiruetsya to our relief. Converts relief in an editable poly, go to the Border mode and see already selected edging its way, click the Create shape from seltction and get a line exactly matches the shape of the track and terrain. All that's left to do - is to remove some of the segments in the line where the border is not needed Well and further propagated by the curb on these lines by using Spasing Tool. I will multiply the usual areas: My border of the spheres is ready! It remains now I remove from the scene a relief - a copy of the hole and the extra line.

26 Feb, 2014 Yuliya
4 Mar, 2014 # Re: Add road to landscape in 3ds Max
Thank you so much!!! 👍

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