Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014

18 Oct, 2013 Federicco
18 Oct, 2013 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Good afternoon! In 2014 Max tab "Gamma and LUT" disappeared Bitmap Files section As a result, when you save the render as JPG have to manually change the range of 1.0, otherwise the image is dark. Is it possible to automate the gamma correction of the output image? Thank you.

20 Oct, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Oct, 2013 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014

I did not use 3ds Max 2014 are not faced with such a problem.

But here is a note « of Gamma 1.0 for output in the Max 2014 ," maybe it's exactly what you need😉

18 Oct, 2013 Federicco
20 Oct, 2013 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Thank you!

15 Aug, 2014 Irina
15 Aug, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
In change vray 2.4 gamma and lud window where all go? Where transferred all setting output gamma? How to set up vray 2.4 that the picture was the same in the buffer ka?

15 Aug, 2014 Oleg
15 Aug, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Most likely, this is a problem 3Ds MAX'14. Download the vast web script Gamma settings for 3ds max 2014 . Further, it is possible to put the call menu or the shortcuts. It is a small window with two settings: FileInputGamma, FileOutputGamma.

17 Aug, 2014 yura.
17 Aug, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Neither of which I do not understand, I put max 2014 vray 3.00.03 and so on. and renders saved flashes as I understand in the range of 1 (at the monitor all right) where to put a tick in the Vree?

23 Oct, 2014 Anastasiya
23 Oct, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Hello! Carefully read the lesson on the range settings for the 2.2 V-Ray and found that in my Customize tab - Preferences ... Gamma and LUT no adjustment, correction scale texture at the entrance to the program "Input Gamma". Established 14 Max and V-Ray 3.0. What could be the problem? Incorrectly installed? Ps The way the tab should look like: How does it look at me:

16 Nov, 2014 globator
16 Nov, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
You can type in the lower left fileOutGamma = 1.0 bar and press enter And this OutPut .max file will be 1.0 or even change it to: C: Usersimya_polzovatelyaAppDataLocalAutodesk3dsMaxDesign2014 - 64bitENUen-USdefaultsMAX.vray there CurrentDefaults file changed OutputGamma = 2.200000 on OutputGamma = 1.000000

2 Dec, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
2 Dec, 2014 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
There is a wonderful script to scale " of Gamma settings for 3ds max / design 2014 ". I gave Usco😁 necessary to " download gammasettings.mcr ", and FIHM throw it once and for all: It will work always with enthusiasm. Here in plain text format if: macroScript GammaSettings category: "ebbmaxscript" tooltip: "GammaSettings" buttontext: "GammaSettings" (rollout gs "GammaSettings" (spinner spin1 "FileInputGamma" range: [0,3,2.2] type: #float align : #right fieldWidth: 60 spinner spin2 "FileOutputGamma" range: [0,3,1.0] type: #float align: #right fieldWidth: 60 button btn1 "Apply" align: #right on btn1 pressed do (FileInGamma = spin1.value FileOutGamma = spin2.value🙂 createDialog gs width: 180 height: 80)

21 Feb, 2015 Yuliya
21 Feb, 2015 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
gus_ann, where to throw something? Enlighten me, please. 😉

2 Dec, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
22 Feb, 2015 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Usco, pliz help me, I do not have an Internet ....

22 Feb, 2015 Usco (3d modeling expert)
22 Feb, 2015 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Julia, gus_ann, hello 🙂 Julia Start 3dsMax. When he loaded then just drag and drop files [gammasettings.mcr] at any 3dsMax window. Next: 1.Zaydi submenu [Customize]. 2. From the drop-down list of categories choose a script. 3.Sleva you will already be familiar name of the script. Now it must be somewhere to be able to put him to choose. As an example, drag in the subcategory [Rendering] menu for this: 4.Snova, drag from left to right, in the subcategory [Rendering] now taking place [GammaSettings]. Hold and save are saved in the default folder. After close the menu window. 5.Vot now you can choose a script from the drop-down submenu [Rendering].

8 Oct, 2015 Olya
8 Oct, 2015 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Usco thank you very much !!!

13 Jan, 2016 Rafael
13 Jan, 2016 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
Hello! Here's how the new configurable max: Do not forget to Vray-frame buffer at the bottom of the box include: display colours in sRGB space (for the correct display range in framebuffer) can do without skrpitov, all done in the settings 3Ds max 2014😉

20 Oct, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
13 Jan, 2016 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014


Several days ago, I switched to a new 3ds Max (from 2008 to 2015) and faced myself with the same changes in its settings. However, everything is simple. The early versions of 3ds Max had Input Gamma 1.0 and Output Gamma 1.0, in other words the default 3ds Max gammas was not corrected by default.

To force the old versions of 3ds Max operate in Gamma 2.2 it was necessary to set up 3ds Max accept all incoming textures as the Gamma 2.2 textures (Input Gamma). Otherwise, the 3ds Max was "thought" that all incoming textures is in gamma 1.0. In addition, to force render to work and generate images in gamma 2.0 (Output Gamma), it was necessary to adjust V–Ray Gamma parameter in Color Mapping section.

In the newer versions of 3ds Max, the Input and Output Gamma is ALREADY 2.2, so corresponding setups is literally absent in «Gamma and LUT» section.

Applying the classical approach in the newer versions of 3ds Max, namely adjusting the «Output Gamma» in V-Ray Color Mapping – we will got overexposed images on the render output, that’s will happen because it would be applied excessive unnecessary correction (in V-Ray Color Mapping) to already corrected (in 3ds Max) Output Gamma.

Total: all we need to do in 3ds Max 2014 and higher, it is to turned off superfluous Output Gamma correction in V-Ray Color Mapping by choosing Color mapping only (no gamma) option in Mode: dropdown list.

All the rest, as before 😉

2 Dec, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
14 Jan, 2016 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014

In fact, here's what we managed to deduct:

"There are two situations:

1.) When Gamma Bakes. 2.) When Gamma is not baked and you are working on sRGB preview.

In V-Ray (up to 3.0 versions) and up to 3Ds Max 2014, preference was given to - Gamma Baking.
3Ds Max 2013 + V-Ray 2.4:
SRGB to VFB - Default is disabled. Output Gamma - 1.0 for all formats.
3Ds Max 2014 + V-Ray 3.0:
SRGB in VFB - Default is enabled. Output Gamma - Automatic (2.2 for 8Bit / 1.0 for 16, 32Bit).
Actually, that's all the differences that confuse people. What was this done for? - For convenience of work in LWF (Linear space). So, as most Profi did not bake the gamut, they decided to make these default settings.
When baking Gamma in 3.0 Virey:
SRGB - Disconnect. In Color Mapping, set - Color Mapping and Gamma.
When working in a linear space:
SRGB - Turn on. In Color Mapping, set either None or Color Mapping Only. Turn off Clamp Output, or increase its value to the required level. You get additional exposure control in VFB. You can save the result in 32Bit formats HDR / RAW / OpenEXR / TIFF-32Bit.
Which option to choose?
Bake Gammu - When working exclusively with 8Bit formats (JPEG / TGA / PNG / BMP and so on). And do not use the VFB (Exposure / Curves / Levels) capabilities. So, you limit the following possibilities in post-processing. The only advantage that you get is a more predictable work of the sampler in bright areas and the ability to use AA filters in V-Ray.
Do not bake a gamut or Work in LWF (Linear Workflow) - When you want to use all the features of VFB, and all formats. Yes, you can save the result in 8Bit and 32Bit in this scenario. Thus AA-Filters start to work not-adequately. But who uses them? - Today it is not fashionable.
[IMPORTANT - Do not confuse pixel depth with data bit depth. After all, these are different things. TGA can save in 32Bit, but it will be EXACTLY not that OpenEXR 32Bit. In short, I mean the data that is written to each pixel. 8Bit - 1-255 / 16Bit - 1-65535 / 32Bit - 0 to Infinity / 32Bit-Float - 0.0 to Infinity (floating point).]
P.S. If you twisted the Output Gamma script, the result of the output would be buggy. By default, 2014 Max itself determines which gamma to choose when Input-e and Output-e. 8Bit formats save in 2.2 Gamme and 16 / 32Bit in 1.0 Gamme. That is, by default in 2014 Max you save JPEG with gamma 2.2 and in some thread TIFF / OpenEXR / HDR / RAW with gamma 1.0. "

I do not use the script myself, I keep it as it should.

2 Apr, 2016 d_joe
2 Apr, 2016 # Re: Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014
When viewed on the topic of information very confused, many stating that you need to press in sRGB rendering window, but when you press the picture lightens lacks shadows. How did correctly - 2.2 in the settings range + no gamma in Color Mapping and do not touch the sRGB? Or, am I missing something that I have sRGB spoils?

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