Align vertices along the same line / face / axis

29 Dec, 2015 Yulio
29 Dec, 2015 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis


Tell me please about the following questions:

How to align all vertices along one line?

How to align several points with the position of another point?

I do not find a clear answer in the network. At least for a beginner.

Here in this video at 19:00, the author somehow magically exposes one point under the other using Snaps Toogle snap bindings:

I found such answers:

- "1. component editor
2. snap, component spacing off "
Here I do not understand what is the offsing off and on the network again about this button did not find it apparently too obvious, but not for the beginner

- "Highlight your vertices, w (moove tool), select the axis, hold x, middle button poke somewhere in the grid
When I press X, I get the Search all action window, I doubt that if I remove it in the hotkeys - something will change, most likely I have something not so understood. And the middle button is a wheel?

- "Select this very row of vertices, press" R "(ie turn on the scaling tool - you can poke it in ScaleTool) and scale it in one axis reduction!"
Alignment tool Scale in my opinion is not professional, and besides they are all led to some average distance between them, but I need them to align at a certain point, or at least a line.

I need the created window to stay in place, and the top and bottom vertices are aligned with the end of the window
I make make planar (also barely found this button, again there is nothing about its location on the network) along the Y axis, but it, like the method with Scale, leads to an average value between all vertices.

- "selected the points, selected the axis and pressed the v key (sticking to the point) with the middle mouse button pushed to the desired point (by which we equate"

When you press V, this menu exits

- there is this video:

But this is the trouble, but if the object is complicated ...?

- "Select all vertices, change the scale to uniforms, select the scale from the common center, press F12, enter 0 in the desired place."
Too, to the average position between them leads, I would like to see the window did not move

I also watched video tutorials on using Snaps Toogls.

In general, I understand that people say it, but I would like it in the video that in the beginning, in one movement put one point under the other.

30 Dec, 2015 Anton (Staff Author)
30 Dec, 2015 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis


There are several regular ways to align vertexes along one axis.

In Editable Poly toolkit, find in Edit mode of vertices, look for the Edit Geimetry rollout, there is a "Make Planar" button and a number of buttons with the axes "x", "y", "z". Click on the button of the desired axis and the vertices are aligned in a line along it. The position of the vertexes is the average between the distances of the furthest points. Doing this and the following (described below) alignments - make sure that the binding to the geometry elements (Constraints - None) is not activated.

Select the necessary vertices, take the transformation tool - "Select and Uniform Scale" and pull for the manipulator of the axis of the instrument, by which you want to "flatten" the tops. Since the vertices themselves do not "pull up" they just orient one relative to the other in the same plane.

The very same "Snaps". Click the "Snaps Toggle" snap icon with the right mouse button. The "Grid and Snap Settings" window will appear. In the rollout "Snaps" of this window, remove all the checkmarks except "Vertex" and close it (DO NOT press "Clear All" and click the X in the upper right corner of the window). So you will only bind to vertexes and remove the other bindings you do not need at the moment.
This is not all.
Now press the "Shift" key on the keyboard and click on the right mouse button anywhere on the viewport. The menu of the triple menu appears. In the snap options menu, click the Enable Axis Constraints in Snaps check box.
Take the selection tool - "Select and Move", select those vertices that you want to bind to another vertex. Click on the desired axis (multi-colored arrows) of its icon, grab the left mouse button of any of the selected vertices (selections from the others should not be removed) and drag it to the vertex to which you want to tie. Then all selected vertices will move along the selected axis towards the target vertex. A bit of practice and you will quickly understand how the binding tool works in 3ds Max, which will not only help you out😉

29 Dec, 2015 Yulio
1 Jan, 2016 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
👌 👍 All clear! Thank you so much! And a Happy New Year to you! 🙂

11 Nov, 2017 Alla
11 Nov, 2017 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
Thank you very much for your explanations !!!

11 Nov, 2017 Alla
13 Nov, 2017 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
Item # 3, "The same" Snaps "... " hot keys on / off: Alt + D

28 Nov, 2017 Asya Yu
28 Nov, 2017 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
I also began to make a lesson from the first post and stumbled at this moment with links in the 19th minute video. I read the answers and still did not understand how the binding of the 2 splines located in different planes occurs (at least in my case they are in different planes). I click the same snap 2.5 on tops and nothing. Maybe someone can explain this point in more detail for the slow-witted?

30 Dec, 2017 Goodman
30 Dec, 2017 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
Roman, if the problem is not solved then assign to the whole model modifier EditNormals will appear a bunch of hairs, this is the normals, select them all and click Reset

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