Embree support (V-Ray)

15 Apr, 2017 Mark EVision
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Gentelman 3d maniac, It's time to revive the topic about best CPU for rendering.

It is 2017 and a new favorite comes on the scene - AMD ryzen 7 1800x

I read about this processor all day, looked at benchmarks and tests and I believe! ? It looks like this is really the best of the available CPUs for rendering for affordable price! (According to many benchmarks this CPU breathes down the X series' neck, which is 3-4 times more expensive)

But I would like to hear the opinion of colleagues, what do you think, friends? Who has experience in working with the new 8-core giant? Should I take it for my main computer? Should I take it for render-nodes?
It seems the balance of forces has changed a lot in favor of AMD, I can't hide my exitement!

18 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
18 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Hi Mark,

The new Ryzens, as we can see from the lot of trusted benchmarks, have very good total processing power while having low electircity consumption and low price.

But, as it is with all latest AMDs, that is achieved by a mututal work of lot of cores, meaning not the best single-thread performance that is vital for actual work. So Ryzen is not the best thing for the workstation.

As for the multi-threaded (=regular) rendering, it is not a problem at all. This is a great CPU for a general render-node.

Discussing V-Ray in particular, I cannot advice Ryzen because of lack of info by today. All because the mystic Embree support by Intels, while AMD can't use it. In theory, Ryzen SHOULD support it. But, unfortunately, I'm not aware of that and all trusted benchmark sources do not specify if they "Use Embree" in test V-Ray scenes.

Does anyone has Ryzen to clarify that?

24 Apr, 2017 Dreamer
24 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

I have a Ryzen 1800x, I can try to render a test scene.

18 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
24 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Hello Dreamer,


That's great! Please take this test scene

? appartement_vray_tutstart_1 - zip

from https://docs.chaosgroup.com by Wouter Wynen from Aversis (http://www.aversis.be/) without textures, open it, click 'yes' in all dialogues, set resolution to 800x650 and render it. Then, put a checkmark on Use Embree in Render Setup > Settings > System and render again. We'll compare both times, if the second option goes through at all.


Results for Core i7-5775C @4.1GHz (that is 11% from baseclock), 16GB RAM, V-Ray 3.40.03, "yes"es in all starting dialogues, resolution 800x650:

  • No Embree: 32.3s, take as 100%,
  • Use Embree: 16.1s, makes 50%.


25 Apr, 2017 sur-pur
25 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)


Ryzen supports embree. I've checked on the test scene above

Ryzen 1700 3.7GHz:

  • Without Embree: 00:55
  • Use Embree: 00:22

24 Apr, 2017 Dreamer
26 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Results of Ryzen 1800X, RAM 32GB (stock cpu/ram settings, no overclocking):

  • Without Embry: 19.7 seconds
  • With Embry: 7.9 seconds


Results by Core-i7 3770K RAM 16GB (stock cpu/ram settings, no overclocking):

  • Without Embry: 38.3 seconds
  • With Embry: 22.7 seconds


3dMax 2017 sp3 + v-ray 3.40.01 on the Ryzen and 3.40.03 on Intel

18 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
26 Apr, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Very good results! Sur-pur, Dreamer thanks for the info!

1 May, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
1 May, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Hi all,


I render test scene on my i7-6700 (stock clock), 16Gb RAM. In V-Ray 3.4 get the:

  • Without Embree: 30 seconds
  • With Embree: 14 seconds


It should be noted that then you open the test scene, 3ds Max displays gamma/LUT pop-up, then V-Ray displays three pop-ups’ about DMC sampler Noise, updated VraySun-Sky models and updated image sampler algorithms. Depending of that you choose in that pop-ups’, render times would be different. So choosing YES in all dialogs, I get the results above, choosing NO through all dialogs results was 57 secs for wo Embree and 31 secs w Embree, that is twice longer.

18 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
4 May, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)

Since we know the new AMD Ryzen is capable of effective use of Embree, basing on the info kindly shared by sur-pur and Dreamer, we finally can do direct comparsion of Intels and AMDs! Let's define the rating of best CPUs for 3d rendering for today.


Please feel free to use this topic for discussion any questions regarding Embree support.

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