Anchor 3d model large ship

28 Oct, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Free 3d model of a metal ship anchor. It is a cast metal construction, designed to keep shipping in one place above the water. Anchor is a device to keep the ship of the vessel or other water floating craft when stopping in open water. The mooring lines are used on moorage or anchorage. The main design principle is that the anchor has a prehensile ends and a lot of weight. Because of this, it is easily submerged under the water and clings to the ground. The surface of the free anchor 3d model is worn with a black iron oxide. Some places of the anchor 3d model are rust. However, this is an exactly how a typical anchor looks like, because it is regularly dipped into the water, destroying its unpainted surface. This 3d model of the classical in its form ship anchor consists of a typical for such things parts. They are rod, shank, arm and two flukes. The rod is a horizontal cylindrical bar with the two spheres at the ends. It firmly seated in the rod body, which is the basis of the anchor. At the bottom the spindle transforms into an arc shape that looks like two arms. At both ends of the arms there are flat flukes, similar to the arrowhead that increases grip with bottom ground. This anchor is sometimes called the admiralty common anchor. Lowered from a ship anchored in the water with a massive anchor chain. To do this in the very top of the spindle is tightly welded strong iron ring, which serves as basis for fixing the first link of anchor chain. 3d model of a real ship's anchor copies is meter in size. Therefore, if you choose to use this anchor in the interior rendering as a furnishing, you will likely have to reduce its size using proportional scaling. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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