Animated glowing material in 3ds Max

21 Feb, 2012 Sergej102
21 Feb, 2012 # Re: Animated glowing material in 3ds Max
Hello, I want to create an animated luminous material. Two conditions: 1. The material glows and emits light with a texture. 2. Material is not lit, and on it at this moment another texture. A living example - a modern rear optics all the machines when not lit, one pattern when illuminated - see beautiful glowing pattern. I'll tell you how he tried to solve the situation (sorry picture does not attach to the hierarchy): 1. MaterialMtlwraper (with values ​​GenerateGI / ReceiveGI = 20) 2. to him Standart material max 3 to difuzu card MIX 4. and two different textures to the mix (one " to "glow, the other" after "5. The management made a general controller" controller Bezier Float ", which is tied to control values ​​MixAmount (the card MIX) and Self-illumination (the standard material max) 6. Create an animation of the controller: 0 100 But beauty is not seen🙂 Who else would have thought?

23 Feb, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
23 Feb, 2012 # Re: Animated glowing material in 3ds Max
Hello! Simply take an ordinary standard Blend. One slot luminous mat in the other - are not glowing, and on the right (key) Change your frame Mix Amount from 0.0 to 100.0 and all😉

21 Feb, 2012 Sergej102
23 Feb, 2012 # Re: Animated glowing material in 3ds Max
Thank you! Made, it looks nice, and without mats in heaps 🙂 As the luminous material used: vrayLightMtl.

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