Bag Messenger White with Strap

3 Sep, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
The 3d model of a messenger bag made of linen fabric, which has the green shoulder strap and soft fastener. This typical unisex bag is the usual attribute of the courier or the mail carrier. It is sometimes called the DJ’s bag. This is a very stylish accessory of a modern urban life. Will perfectly suit as the interior filling object in architectural visuals of a modern or teenager style. The geometry of the bag 3d model is one-sided, but, if you have such necessity, the Shell modifier will add the realistic thickness. However, beware of significant increase of the polygon count. The textures come in the archive, and the materials are prepared. The 3ds Max 2010 file is completely ready to render and does not need any additional setup. The preview is rendered using V-Ray 2.0. This great 3d model is kindly presented for all the RenderStuff users by gus_ann, and we want to thank her for this personally as well as on behalf of all those who find it useful for own scenes!

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