Bell Ship Brass 3d Model

15 Jan, 2012 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The 3d model of the ship bell with the metal wall suspending. The dome of the bell is made of light-brown bronze with a bit of mat. A massive bolt to a curved metallic frame, painted in gray, suspends it. The same paint is also used on a beater inside the bell. The ringing of a ship bell is used on the vessels to give the crew important signals, for example, when there is a fire on a ship. The inscription on a ship surface is made using texture. This texture map is in a TIF format with a procedural text layer, made in Photoshop. To change the bell’s label it is enough to just write new name and apply the desired font. Or, if you need to have the image there, just paste it or paint to this texture file. The 3d model of ship bell have the same level of quality in the both inside and outside parts. The beater of a bell hangs inside, on a special hold. That is what can be seen on the previews of the ship bell 3d model. The wall suspending frame is bent to conform with the cylindrical pole of the classic wooden mast. However, the actual bend is relatively small, so it can be placed of a flat wall, for example, to the nautically styled interior. For ease of use, the 3d model includes the mast part.

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