Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray

23 Feb, 2012 Denis
23 Feb, 2012 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
Hi Max and Anton! As I promised start a new topic. Recently noticed shortcomings in the 3Ds Max'a and V-Ray'ya: when I use the Hair & Fur modifier and try to save the preset settings, in the end it does not appear in the list of presets (only available standard presets, those that come with V-Ray 'it), when I try to download, although maintaining all goes well. Also presets render settings are not saved, or rather when you save a preset in the list, but his future is loaded, nothing happens and the rendering does not change the settings. In work using 3Ds Max 2012 and V-Ray v2.10.01 for all 64-bit OSes. I thought that you might come across similar shortcomings, and there are some official patches or scripts or ways to address these shortcomings. I would like to get rid of these bugs, and do not waste time on stage to reconfigure or permanent perezalivaniya scene. Advise how to properly and safely eliminate these flaws developers.

3 Mar, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
3 Mar, 2012 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray


In fact, to the Hair & Fur modifier, the problem of preserving the viraean strains has nothing to do with it. This is an exceptionally common bug of specific "versions" of the V-Ray renderer.
Perhaps, you mean that not 3ds Max does not save the settings for Hair and Fur?
If yes, specify. Then we will open a new topic and I will explain everything. In fact, everything is in order with the preservation of presets, there simply is a feature😁

Without a doubt, every time, creating a new scene, to re-configure all the settings and checkboxes of all the program scrolls - it's worthless.

Paradoxically, even in a correctly working V-Ray, which normally and saves and loads settings, each time when creating a new scene, the operation of calling the Render scene (F10), going to the Settings tab, unfolding the System rollout, clicking on the Presets button Zone Miscellaneous Options and selecting from the list of V-Ray presets, the desired preset by the startup settings of V-Ray, to put it mildly - is not rational.

Where it is more acceptable that the V-Ray startup settings are loaded immediately, nominally, when creating a new scene.

Organizing it is very simple. For this:

- Create a new clean scene.
- Go to the lessons for 3d rendering and, according to the recommendations in the series of articles about Optimal settings of V-Ray, adjust all the parameters of the renderer.
- When all the "checkmarks and digits" stand as recommended, save this scene directly to the scenes folder, which 3ds Max will propose to you by default.
Typically, this is C: UserAdministratorDocuments3dsmaxscenes
Save it as "maxstart.max".

This is the file that 3ds Max always loads as a startup file, when creating a new scene.

That's all. Thus, every time you create a new scene, in fact, you will open, created by you maxstart.max.

In addition to the settings of the renderer itself, you can even save in the file the objects you need, which you use in all your scenes. For example, a camera or a light source. Then, in the new scene there will always be these objects. Although this is more exotic than the real need😁

23 Feb, 2012 Denis
4 Mar, 2012 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
Hello Anton. Thank you for your response to the expense of starting settings - elegant piece 👍. - Did you mean that not 3ds Max does not save settings Hair and Fur? On account of your sentence, if I myself knew one of them does not save these settings, you would write 🙂 initially correctly, as I understand, I'm not quite correctly raised the question. All because of not knowing the nature of the error 🙄, thank you corrected, now I'll know that it is not 3Ds Max to blame. I will build a new topic about the problems of preservation of Hair & Fur settings.

24 Aug, 2013 mOPs
24 Aug, 2013 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
Hello. I would like to raise the issue of setting the starting (default) 3ds Max. At the beginning of the work on each new stage we have to do the same manipulation - setting unit, appearance viewports, conservation methods, materials, binding, etc. Sooner or later, everyone realizes that you can do once all the settings, save the scene as the starting (default), calling her maxstart.max and every time you start 3ds Max is already loaded-ready stage. Now the actual question - which way you want to save this scene? In one well-known blogs I found: "C: UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataLocalAutodesk3dsmax2011 - 64bitenudefaultsMAX - a folder for 3ds Max 2011 x64 to Windows 7 (for other versions - this is the same name, only the other way)." But I have this there is some problem. My system is installed Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2009 64-bit and Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 64-bit. Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1, 64 bit. Safety Max - 2009th. His and customizable. So in the specified path ... enudefaults no folder MAX in which it is necessary to save the scene. Place the file in a folder defaults and manually create the MAX folder to save files and other manipulations did not lead to the desired result. Moreover, launched a banal search maxstart.max file system. Strangely, this file was not found, but 3ds Max with a same scene "starts" !!! Advise how to start the default scene settings necessary to me?

24 Aug, 2013 mOPs
25 Aug, 2013 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
👌 Thank you. So yesterday did. Everything is working. 👍

27 Dec, 2013 Nick
27 Dec, 2013 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
It is a pity that the topic is raised for a long time but I had such a situation (may be able to help🙂🙂 Yes, preserving all max settings in «maxstart.max» when you start loading all the settings saved in the «maxstart.max», but resetE virey not load saved settings Maybe I do not know tell me

27 Dec, 2013 Kenzo80
27 Dec, 2013 # Re: Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray
Vire settings should be saved in a preset and then upload 🙂 Well, you can still click a button in the Default box, select the render 🙂

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