Chesterfield sofa 3d model corner round

11 Sep, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Chester corner sofa 3d model. In essence, this is a classic Chesterfield with a built-in rounded corner module. This couch would be an ideal decoration for an any interior’s corner. Also from this construction type, you can collect an oval inside the large hall, thus creating a superior comfort zone. The back of the 3d model is detailed as well as with the front part. You can easily highlight its rear part on your 3d renderings. Nominally applied to the sofa material is the blue shiny polished leather with typical rubbing and browning, imitating the noble age. However, the scene contains five more colors of the leather. They are red, classic, brown, green, white and black. How do they look like, you can see on the sofa 3d model presentation renderings in white studio. All materials are professionally set up and the couch 3d model is fully ready to take the place of honor in any visualization. Archives of the model, besides the high-quality photorealistic 4096px textures, contain low poly non-smoothed version of the 3d model. With it, you will be able to flexibly control the level of detail of this 3d model, i.e. the mesh density. In addition, it may be useful for situations that are critical to a large number of polygons.
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7 Oct, 2011 vizer
7 Oct, 2011 # Re: Chesterfield sofa 3d model corner round
Beautiful model!

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