Christmas tree 3d model crystal with decorations

9 Dec, 2010 renderstuff (Staff Author)

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011 Year, friends! Let the new year bring you luck, lots of new knowledge and, of course, success in your 3d skills :) Thank you for your support and activity on the RenderStuff pages. We will be glad to see you in the new 2011, and, in turn, to gladden you with photorealistic 3d models, 3d professional tutorials and exiting articles.

With best wishes, REN3D Team

Tree is a symbol of Christmas, known to almost everyone. Free Christmas tree 3d model, even on the preview is a kind of association of childhood, warming and lifting mood. Body of the Christmas 3d model made of a transparent, slightly frosted glass; this gives him an icy look. Branches of tree look so similar to the icicles that there is a desire to receive evidence of the opposite. Plastic base in the form of a tripod holds a Christmas tree, which is placed in the middle. Starting from the middle to the top, tree trunk studded with transparent branches. Each twig holds one décor item. On the first lower level, there are hanging boxes as gifts. These are the cubes with rounded edges of red glass, wrapped in festive red and gold ribbon tied on top cube into a beautiful bow. Middle and upper branches hang with beautiful Christmas decorations in the form of transparent balls of glass. They are painted blue at bottom and the top capped with a beautiful curve, for which the toys are attached to metal chrome ring. Red Christmas toy gifts are attached to the twig tree with the same chrome rings. At the top of a Christmas tree is a large red pentagonal star. Despite its detail, this Christmas tree is souvenir and easily fits on a working desk. Such a souvenir in the workplace or at home must create Christmas mood for his owner and other people. Can be this free 3d model used not as a little souvenir table, but as a large stationary artificial Christmas tree on 3d rendering? Of course, yes :) Just use the Select and Uniform Scale tool in 3ds Max and increase the 3d model tree size. Pivot point in 3d model is at the center of the bottom of the tripod base of the Christmas tree and easily allow to scale the 3d model, without further moving of its height. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

12 Dec, 2010 Sami
12 Dec, 2010 # Re: Christmas tree 3d model crystal with decorations
many thanks! love this site. and you too guys!

23 Dec, 2010 Lokm
23 Dec, 2010 # Re: Christmas tree 3d model crystal with decorations
Good toys thankyou

29 Dec, 2010 Santa
29 Dec, 2010 # Re: Christmas tree 3d model crystal with decorations

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