Christmas Tree 3d Model from gus_ann

28 Nov, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
Highly detailed realistic 3d model of a plant Christmas tree, decorated with Xmas toys, which nicely hanging on the branches. There are big yellow, red, and blue balls, as well as few turquois smaller ones on the tree. In addition, there are toys of an unusual shape of a twisted yellowish-red pattern that is beveled; the metallic-colored bells with a burgundy edge at the bottom. The entire Christmas tree is skirted by electric fairy lights on a black wire, and shiny pine-like tinsel of a golden foil. The branches with all needles are grouped separately and they are connected to the tree base. They are all made with true instanced geometry, but the geometry is converted to a VRayProxy objects for making work in viewport easier. It is obvious that using this 3d model is possible only having V-Ray renderer enabled, because the VRayProxy cannot be used by other rendering engines. The vrmesh-file can be found in the archive with the max-file itself. All materials are perfectly set and this 3d model of the Christmas tree is completely ready for render. For more optimization in viewport the toys, fairy lights, tinsel, and vraymesh objects are displayed as boxes. In sake of better usability, all the objects are linked to the main big dummy object. The 3ds Max 2010 file is completely ready to render and does not need any additional setup. The preview is rendered using V-Ray 2.0. This great 3d model is kindly presented for all the RenderStuff users by gus_ann, and we want to thank her for this personally as well as on behalf of all those who find it useful for own scenes!

4 Dec, 2017 tintnaung
4 Dec, 2017 # Re: Christmas Tree 3d Model from gus_ann
I Like it

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