Most models on RenderStuff created with the use of ColorCorrect.

ColorCorrect is a 3ds max texture plug-in which alters the colors of any map. This is very convenient and flexible tool of control over the procedural maps and bitmap textures. ColorCorrect is an improved analog of V-Ray Renderer VRayColor map and 3ds Max Output map.

Advantage of ColorCorrect on these maps is that it allows you to adjust the image parameters such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and also provides the ability to manage color in HSV, HSL color modes.

ColorCorrect comparing Output and VRayColor

With ColorCorrect you can use the same map in different parts of the scene with different values of brightness, contrast, gamma and so on, what eliminates the need for editing the maps in raster editor such as Photoshop and creating different variations on your hard disk. Also this will reduce the total size of the scene and the consumption of memory in 3ds Max. For full control all parameters are presented as a separate map.

We sincerely thank Cuneyt Ozdas, an author of ColorCorrect. It is absolutely free to download at the site of its creator:


If for some reason the downloading from www.cuneytozdas.com is not comfortable for you, we have duplicated the latest versions of ColorCorrect:


There have been cases when some 3d artists didn't want to get a new version of 3ds Max until ColorCorrect for new Max was published. This is how much 3dmaxers like ColorCorrect :) We hope that you will also love it and this plug-in will help you in everyday work.

The tutorial is written and prepared by:

Anton (RenderStuff)
3d rendering artist at Ren3d with more than eight years of experience in photorealistic 3d rendering. Author of all RenderStuff rendering tutorials and much of the CG images on this site.
Max (RenderStuff)
Professional 3d modeler working at Ren3d, has seven years experience in creation of various 3d objects. Author of 3d models, co-author & theoretical editor of all RenderStuff publications.

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