Cooker 3d Model Electric with Five Elements

17 Jun, 2012 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The photorealistic high-detailed 3d model of glass ceramic electrical cooktop with five heating elements. The surface of this hob 3d models is absolutely flat, but has the control panel with operation indicators, five aluminum heat knobs , and one lock switch. The aluminum border covers the perimeter of the cooktop 3d model. The inside part of the hob is black with five electrical heating elements. The all construction is covered with special glass with the markings, indicating the heating zones. It is made to aware user of possibly hot surface when the hob is turned off. When the heating element is working, it glows bright red. Additionally, in this stovetop 3d model there is a cell structured glass above heating elements, which refracts their light and heat radiation. The refraction glass and the heating elements are made with geometry. This makes current 3d model very high detailed on the rendering, allows ultra-closeups and any unusual shooting angles. Such feature marks this 3d model out from the usual ones, where all the heating system simply faked by texture map. This 3d model due to its design in off state can be also presented as induction range. To make any of heating elements turned off, simply adjust its material.

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