Cooker 3d Model Gas Aluminum with Three Burners

17 Jun, 2012 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The 3d model of aluminum cooking surface with two burning zones. The cooktop has rectangular shape at the left of which there are block of gas burners, and with the gas taps from the right side. This gas appliance has two normal gas rings from the rights side and one long fish burner from to the left. The fish burner split on three ones, and is controlled by two taps at the same time. The flames in this cooking panel 3d model are made of geometry with specially set glowing material. The 3d models of flames are made as separate objects, so they can be easily hidden or removed if any or the burners, or all of them, should be off. Also, as well as all logical parts, the gas metal taps are made as separate objects with correct pivot points. With such realization of the gas cooking surface you easily can turn off the gas at the actual burner and imitate the same by turned tap.

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