Correct 3dmax project structure, Set project folder button

12 Nov, 2013 Demmax
12 Nov, 2013 # Re: Correct 3dmax project structure, Set project folder button
Hello. Actually what's the point "Set project folder" button (3dmax 2011)? 3dmax that keeps itself in the project folder, and you need to throw in any sub-folders? The problem arose at work, structuring projects leaves much to be desired, I would like to somehow improve the situation. To each of us, workers could open the project colleagues, and projects themselves compactly, that is. in the project folder has a subfolder "files"? What's in it, who is that in there and it saves a file? Thank you

20 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Nov, 2013 # Re: Correct 3dmax project structure, Set project folder button


The essence of the function "Set Project Folder" is that 3ds Max automatically changes all the default paths of the program, in the current project, on the path to the folder specified by the user.

What are the ways?
For example, when you open the materials editor in a new scene and want to specify a raster file for the Bitmap card, then by default 3ds Max will offer you a folder:

C: Users% Username% Documents3dsMaxsceneassetsimages

When you want to save the render, then by default 3ds Max will offer you a folder:

C: Users% Username% Documents3dsMax scenes


Using the "Set Project Folder" function, you simply replace the standard path C: Users% Username% Documents3dsMax with a new one. And 3ds Max automatically in the folder you specify will create the whole structure of the subfolders, which is the above way.

And addition, in the project folder you will get a bunch of folders with not the most successful names, with 90% of them will simply be empty, except for the subfolders with textures and subfolders for renderers.

In this connection, in my opinion, this is my subjective opinion, this function is more similar to spam inside the project, than not really useful action.

I prefer to organize the structure on my own.

In particular, I have a shared folder "Projects", in which I place projects, numbering each new project by the serial number, for example, "0345 Ivan Kithen", next already "0346 Jon Entrance Hall", etc ...

Within the folder of the current project, I have the following structure:

"Brief" - Terms of reference from the customer. First, all instructions and references are stored here, and secondly it is the history of corrections sent by their initiator.

"Report" - What I send to the customer as a result or in the approval process as intermediate tests. Often have to pack renders and screenshots for sending, so have a separate folder, for these operations is very convenient. At the same time, the history of what you have sent and in what sequence will dry up will dry up.

"Textures" - Textures of the scene, including the proxy. Then I keep them and actually create them.

"Renders" - A subfolder of the project where the result of the work is stored, that is, the raw output of the renderer, as well as its post-processed version.

Sometimes I make additional subfolders of the project, these are:

"References" - Reference photo-references of the rendered object, found independently, and not received from the client. As a rule, it is actual for studio object visualization, although sometimes it is also useful for setting up materials in the archhythm.

"Downloads" - As a rule it is bought or downloaded 3d models, as well as materials for the current project.


That's actually how I organize my project. The scene itself, with all the intermediate steps, is in its root folder, as the basis of the project😉

12 Nov, 2013 Demmax
21 Nov, 2013 # Re: Correct 3dmax project structure, Set project folder button
Yeah ... I wonder! I will sort this out. Thank you. Excellent resource, many knowledge learned here.

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