Correct units in 3ds Max

25 May, 2012 Ezop
25 May, 2012 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max
Hello! My question is. In the past, no matter what I create, whether it be the subject of a separate, interior, exterior, creating all non zamechal.Nedavnouznalchto in millimeters and the special problems when doing exterior, it is wise to do in meters. Is it pravilno.I how it affects the resources, because my iron slaboe.Chto something I did not get translated properly made objects in another scene in new scene in metrah.Neuzheli I need a new model ?! I tried to translate applying to objects reset Xform-collapse but without success, probably something wrong doing. (Object plugins used yet)

27 May, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
27 May, 2012 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max


We do not discuss someone's advice found on the Internet.

As for the question itself, we advise always, to create any scenes in mm. And millimeters should be installed both as display units (Display Unit Scale), and as system units (System Unit).

The fact is that almost all technical documentation is written mm. From the exact dimensions of mechanical parts, to the overall dimensions of furniture modules. There is no point in getting information in mm, and then, creating something, in the scene, mentally translating it into meters, inches, etc ..

Much easier and more convenient and think and work in one unit.

Approximately, so does most of the trideshnikov in the whole world. And most of them work exactly in mm. Except for those countries where inches are a more popular unit of measure than mm.

It is for this reason that almost all lessons where descriptions of some parameters depending on the units of the System Unit are being calculated are designed for the fact that you also have the System Unit worth Millimeters, as their authors do everything themselves in mm. Then you will not be surprised by the result, following the recommendations, such as "make the length of the carpet of the carpet 11", in the end you, instead of the carpet, do not get horror, since advising the value of 11 and having a Display Unit Scale in mm, the author will mean, of course The same, mm, and you, for example, with the Display Unit Scale in meters, get a carpet with villi at 11 meters😁

In addition, many (most) objects and scenes that you can find on the Internet are also made in mm. Downloading and pouring them into your scenes, you will not have to rake them (change the scale).

That's why it's worth creating all your scenes in millimeters. Because in mm it is more comfortable to work, there are no problems with repetition of the sneeze settings, there is no need to bother with the scale of the imported objects.

At the speed of 3ds Max or the renderer, the system units themselves do not affect how😉

25 May, 2012 Ezop
28 May, 2012 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max
Good afternoon! Thank you for your prompt response! I am glad that it is so and work in mm.A listened to the advice of a problem in vyuporte.Sozdavaya scene infuriated me the picture quality with black treugolnikami.Hotya all settings in vporte sdelal.Tak here I solved the problem by including clipping vporta and moving sliders .but I bribe to change units, while creating stsen.potomu that like saying the problems with black and partial ischezoveniyami objects because of the correct choice of units, while creating scenes. As it was written that also affects to some extent and realism in the rendering: |

11 Mar, 2014 Alexander
11 Mar, 2014 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max
Hello! There was such a dispute: that if Display unit scale to set the parameter generic unit, and system unit setup-> system unit scale to set 1 = 1mm, then I'm going to work in millimeters. (This essentially gives the fact that next to the numbers I have not shown the letters (mm), and do not interfere with me. However, I have long since been working all the rules imported from CADa other model casting in scale. I say what I have to put in the Display unit scale metric and milimetres. Judge if not difficult.

11 Mar, 2014 Ilya_sp
11 Mar, 2014 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max
generic unit system explain the meaning of your 1,000 cubic width. 🙂 1000metrov it, or inches or millimeters. When you change this setting, the scene not be scaled. As was the cube width of 1000, and will remain. he was 1000mm, it will be 1000 inches, or that you are there put. The same option is specified the internal precision of calculations. Also, as I understand it, it affects the maximum value of some parameters in the same vray (well, do not give me this infection put more 999,999.0 in the far clipping on the camera). Display unit - this is what you will be displayed on the screen in terms of the internal units. The internal mathematics program (generic unit) can be in the same inches, but it is on the screen you will be recalculated in millimeters, or that you are there put. ps I am currently working in millimeters in generic units without display units display units. But really want to go by the meter🙂🙂 do not why nanometer precision in the neighborhood visualization🙂🙂 see how it will affect the speed)

28 Jun, 2015 Aleksey
28 Jun, 2015 # Re: Correct units in 3ds Max
Good afternoon! The question is: Loading the same model in different new scenes - has always been a normal size as originally painted. But yesterday, today all the models that I painted steel load of great size (((How can this be explained, before everything was normal ((can press that something is not right ??? Please tell me!

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