Create own material library in 3ds Max

13 Jun, 2011 Yelena
13 Jun, 2011 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Good afternoon! Tell me is it possible to create your own personal library of materials to keep to its already once customized materials and other people's favorite?

14 Jun, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
14 Jun, 2011 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Elena, hello! Yes. Of course 👌 Save the material in 3ds Max is very simple. Open Material Editor (M on your keyboard). Choose your desired material that you want to save on materials editor toolbar, find the button in the form of a ball and arrows going to the floppy disk. This is a button called Put to Library. Click on it and the corresponding window appears, prompting you to name the material that you want to save the library. Comfortable fit you the name of the material and the PUSH OK. All this material is now located in the current library materials. In the same way you can add all the necessary materials to you from the scene into the current library. When all the necessary materials of the current scene added to the current library, it remains stored on the hard drive that same library. To do this, find the button in the form of great% D0 of the ball, and the arrows pointing down at him. It's called Get Material. Click on it, and will Material / Map Browser window. On the left in this window, locate the Browse From area and point to Mtl Libraty. Mtl Libraty this is your current library with all her materials stored in the current scene. All that's left to do is look at the bottom left section File and there click the button Save - Save Material Library will open a window where you specify the name and the folder in which you want to save your favorite library materials to you. If the dates of your materials are in different stages, then you just open the Material Editor (Material Editor), immediately PUSH button Get Material, and under that click on the File Open button, and indicates your materials library that you created. Then the current library materials (Mtl Libraty) will your previously created library. Feel free to add to it the materials of the current scene and cox%D1 anyay. Similarly, as described above😉

13 Jun, 2011 Yelena
16 Jun, 2011 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
enormous thanks !!!

12 Mar, 2013 Aleksandr
12 Mar, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Thank you) 100,500

18 Mar, 2013 KLICKSTOP
18 Mar, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Uhh Renderstuff, well, you're just ... Well, just ... Respect you guys! SUCH QUESTIONS AND SO RAZZHEVANNY! 👍

25 Mar, 2013 Inna
25 Mar, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
And how to do it in 2012, Max? There mateditor arranged in a different way and I can not find the Save button ...

25 Mar, 2013 Inna
25 Mar, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Create a new library is obtained, the materials to throw - just. But how to keep that then in another scene to open it? If I want to open this library in another scene, the material is not there ... One name of the library. Because I do not know where the Save button in 2012 Max.

25 Mar, 2013 Inna
26 Mar, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Found! He had to hide so simple thing ... So, the creation of its library materials in 3ds Max 2012. I am writing steps, I think, it is useful to many. In materialeditore click the icon Get Material, then clicking the mouse on the triangles in the upper right corner and select New Material Library ..., create a library file, then the mouse to drag it out of materials mateditora that we want to see in your library. After that, put the mouse on the name of the library, click the right mouse button and in the first line of the path to see our library. Translate look right and see a small triangle chёrnenky ... That's it! We direct your mouse on it and finally see the hidden buttons Save and Save As ...

18 Apr, 2013 Lusine
18 Apr, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hello experts 👌 Help please I have the following problem. Yesterday I downloaded the 2.8 GB vray materials and I can not import it into 3ds max. I tried through the Get Material-Open Material Library and there chose the material that at that time I needed, but there was a gray box material. I have tried through Customize- Configure user paths ... it just can not say that I have made 🙄, but I have the materials, a new library, but not the one I downloaded. But this does not work. In the library, they reflect their properties but when I want to use them in their work in the opened scroll of materials it loses all its properties ... PLEASE HELP: |

28 Apr, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
28 Apr, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max

Hello! In general, I can only criticize the approach itself. You downloaded it, I do not know what, from there I do not know where and now you suffer. Maybe that's what you open and there's something you downloaded ...

In order to nominally exclude problems, I advise you to get acquainted with an excellent site:

This is the best that is on the materials of the virai at the moment. I advise you to take the necessary materials only from there and do not download the multi-gigabyte "cats in a bag", and look for materials on the beautiful previews on the site and download only the necessary mats for the current need.

How to open a V-Ray material downloaded from in 3ds Max:

- download the archive with the material file * .mat and textures to it

- unpack it in a convenient place (I advise you to throw textures at once to the folder for the textures of the current project)

- open the 3ds Max materials editor and click on the Get Material button, the Material / Map Browser window opens.

- In the Material / Map Browser window in the upper left corner, find the Material / Map Browser Options button from the drop-down menu and there the Open Material Library item. Select this item and the Import Material Library window opens.

- in the Import Material Library window drag-drop-drop just drop the * .mat file and open it

- After that the Material / Map Browser window displays a new scroll with just opened material. You unfold it and throw the "ball" of the loaded mat to any Matrial Editor ball with the same drag-drop drop

- but that's not all, as you might think😁, there was the last step - to register the paths to the textures of the loaded material and that's it.

You can use the newly loaded material😉

18 Apr, 2013 Lusine
29 Apr, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Thank you for such a detailed Anton obyasnenie, I will go on fad and I'm sure everything will turn out 👍

14 May, 2013 Strider
14 May, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Tell me please, how to tie icons to their content in a personal library? Creating and adding new materials goes without question, but I would like to see instead of image thumbnails Dummies materials rather than trying them, carrying out random MapBrouzera in MapEditor ... 🤔 How to do it?

22 Jun, 2013 gus_ann
22 Jun, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
We must somehow prescribe the way, I did manually for each material, all preserved and works at the closing and opening of the library materials. Perhaps you can automatically register, but - I do not know, in the hand a lot of time killing.

30 Jul, 2013 Aleksandr
30 Jul, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Good day! And not poskazhete how to remove these then the uploaded library of Material / Map Browser 2012 version?

28 Aug, 2013 Corsair
28 Aug, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Alexander, come in materials and textures browser (Material / Map Browser) not through the Standard button and through the Get Material in Materil Editor ball on the left with an arrow, and then you press the right mouse button on the library and not necessary Close Material 🙂

22 Sep, 2013 Zhenya
22 Sep, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hello, and how to import the material with the extension .mtl - he Material / Map Browser is not visible, because through it you can just download a file with the extension .mat?

23 Sep, 2013 Ilya_sp
23 Sep, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max

31 Oct, 2013 Andrey
31 Oct, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
But I have a question. For example, I downloaded some materials, created a library of them in 3ds max 2014 and retained. Then I want that same library open in 3ds max 2012. There are options for how to do this? Or all the same files libraries mats from new versions of older versions of Max did not recognize? Please clarify the situation ...

4 Nov, 2013 Express
4 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hello. With 3dmax-th mark just a month, so I apologize in advance if a little "incompetent" question, but I, unfortunately, the answer is not found. Interested in the following as the display on the stage all models (highlight), which used one or another material? And if you group your model and consists of several elements, each of which caused my stuff, whether the allocation correct? More specifically, I was given the stage that it is necessary to render. Scene raw materials are named by default though all are made via a standard maksovsky material. Renders should be through the V-ray, respectively, need to translate everything in Vraymtl. Thanks in advance for your reply.

31 Oct, 2013 Andrey
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max

Eeeeeeeeeeehhhh !!! I have not been to RenderStuff for a long time! Home Sweet Home)
I see that another prodigal soul has come here ...
And-so exclusive to Express

I'm Super Hero !!! In short, I'm here and now I'll explain everything to you - the main thing is to read my son carefully (though I've already bent down😁):

To begin with, suppose you have a scene with some objects, to which some materials are assigned (the same standard Maxx ones for example). And here it does not matter whether you opened someone's scene with already located objects in it or created your own and simply imported objects from someone's scene (using the File-Import-Merge method). But suppose you have something like this there:

When you open the Material Editor (hotkey, by the way M) you will have approximately such a picture if I'm not mistaken:

But it does not matter, we'll put everything in order - now a little theory, and then you'll understand how to act in similar situations. Firstly I will say right away, in Max such a tool, or rather the selection filter, which you are looking for (to select according to the applied material), I have not yet met. I do not know if someone could have invented a script that implements such a feature, but I have not seen it yet. However, I got distracted.

So! In 3ds max, by default, all materials are assigned names with a sequence number, such as 01 - Default, 02 - Default, 03 - Default, etc. In your case, the situation is the same or similar - Objects have standard materials, to which even unique names were not applied (for a note, if something is desired, each material should be given a unique name, otherwise it will get confused in their number and names). So, when you take someone's scene and start working with it - in 50% of cases the editor of materials is clean as a virgin maiden and you start to think - damn, but where did the materials go and where do I find them. It's all simple - the editor of materials is not rubber and can not store as many cells (spheres) of materials in them, how many of them are in the scene (especially difficult). Therefore, many experienced users have already developed a habit that is called to release the editor of mats from all unnecessary and apply to these same areas (where earlier there were other materials) new materials. This is very simple - in the material editor go to the Utilities menu and click Reset Material Editor Slots there, as shown in this picture:

31 Oct, 2013 Andrey
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max

And this operation helps us to dump excess ballast (only before this it is desirable to make sure that the necessary materials have been applied to the required objects, otherwise the operation of the application, and even the settings of the materials themselves, will have to be repeated anew)

Now finally on how to "FIND" objects that use this or that material. When the materials of the scene objects are "UNKNOWN" in the materials editor, you need to do the following:

We select the desired slot, click on the button Standart, as in the screenshot below:

Here you should pay attention to what I have highlighted with a red frame, namely the Scene Materials area - here is a list of all the materials that are available in the current scene and also (to the right of the material names) "NAMES" of the same scene objects (which we originally needed ), To which this or that material is applied. The list of names of objects after the name of the material can consist of a very large number of names (depending on how many objects it was applied). In short, one more screen is attached:

(This does not entirely concern the topic of the discussion, but it's also a note) Note also that the uppermost material does not have a red flag on the right, which should be to the right of the plus. This flag means that the material should be displayed in the projection windows with the color, texture applied, the degree of transparency, gloss, in general one word with all its attributes. If this checkbox is not selected, then the material attributes will not be displayed in the viewports).

In a nutshell, it all looks like this: import the model into the scene, open the material editor, select the first free slot, click on the button to the right (where there was the "Standart" label, although there may be any other label corresponding to the type of material (not to be confused with the cards) ). There is a magic window with a choice of materials, zhmakayem on (if minimized) button Scene Materials, it opens the list of materials of the scene. We click on the material we need twice and from the appeared dialog window Instance or Copy? Select instance (if you want to edit this material) or copy (if you just want to copy this material to the materials editor) and along with it we look to which objects in the scene this material was applied. If the list is large, then it is better to act by exclusion. That is, we are looking for those materials that are applied in the scene to a smaller number of objects in the scene, we write down the names of the objects of these materials somewhere, then select them (if necessary, group, so that they do not lose again or give them the same names corresponding to the name of their materials Not quite right, but as an alternative, the names of the materials can be appended after the name of the objects.) After all these simple manipulations, we have to deal with the most "problematic" materials (which are applied to more numbers Objects in the scene, rather than others.) It's very simple with them - you just need to create a named selection (in order not to forget which objects are applied to which objects) for objects that are already "familiar" to us (ie those objects that we already found , Thanks to the materials applied to them), when a named set is created, it just remains to invert the selection to select the remaining objects to which the "problem" materials are applied and, accordingly, rename them for their convenience and also for them to create their own named selection sets.

I hope that about named sets you know how they are created. Well, nothing, if not - then no problem, I'll explain. Good luck 👍

23 Sep, 2013 Ilya_sp
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Editor materials to the right of the vertical line of balls buttons. the second from the bottom - select by material. pre-open group. But multi-materials also stand out.

31 Oct, 2013 Andrey
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
In such cases, it is usually called - I use Max for a hundred years, and the most obvious tools are in plain sight. That's what zamylilsya eye on the actions of the same type and do not see the right thing. Ilya_sp - thank you that helped me. Henceforth, I will take a closer) Express - sorry, my infa was not quite on topic, so yuzay Council Elijah. It is shorter compared to my😁

31 Oct, 2013 Andrey
16 Nov, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
By the way, anyone faced with such a phenomenon in 2014 MAX: when you work on it in Windows 7, in the material editor is not visible scene materials (Scene Materials), and in the eight all right. I ask because it is quite difficult to work in this situation, somebody such was or maybe I got Seven curve? Or is it the problem is that the max some nedokryaknuty bought ...: |

4 Nov, 2013 Express
9 Dec, 2013 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Thanks guys. Finally, the wait for an answer -). 👍

17 Jan, 2014 Natalya
17 Jan, 2014 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Help me please. Create your library in 2012 max and that something had happened, that she now does not open. I can not do such as glass. not my materials list. ((((((((((((

18 Jun, 2014 monah62rus
18 Jun, 2014 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
This question, I do etc. Pressing Put to Library button. nothing happens materials from the first boot does not appear ... What could be 3ds max 2014.

1 Oct, 2014 Yana
1 Oct, 2014 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hello! Help please) creates a scene in the library materials, he added materials, preserved her, but in other scenes it opens a blank! Although the first stage all the materials from the library can be seen. It may need some special way to store or it will be so only to the stage and visible?

11 Jan, 2015 elena
11 Jan, 2015 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Please help, I have a problem with the establishment of the library in 2012, 3ds max. I click on Get Material, then click the triangle in the upper left corner, open the new material library and can not drag to materialy.lyudi good help.

10 Nov, 2015 Sacifair
10 Nov, 2015 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hi!!! I had a Problem. I save meterial as needed, and then open it in another scene ... Reflect and settings are the same .. there is no problem, except that the procedural texture maps and on the ground as if ..but the way to him is not .. and the very texture is not !! How to fix it ?

4 Nov, 2016 Vadim
4 Nov, 2016 # Re: Create own material library in 3ds Max
Hello! Thank you for the lesson on the creation of its library, and I have a question, with the preservation of the material can somehow do so would be in the library at once preserved and maps (differential, Reflect, bump, etc.)? With textures, metal, glass, gold is no problem but when it is necessary to have the card, then just a new scene cards see only the settings! Thanks in advance for your reply!

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