Creating golden silk and velvet material in V-Ray

13 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr
13 Jul, 2011 # Re: Creating golden silk and velvet material in V-Ray
Hello! You must create reaoistichny material headboard and bedspread as this Kartik How and in what way it is possible to achieve the desired?) Bole less close to reality. Tell me please, thank you!)

13 Jul, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
13 Jul, 2011 # Re: Creating golden silk and velvet material in V-Ray
Hello! Let's start with the material covered pokryvala.Material not velvet, satin and gold, you shelk.Esli close to it we look at it you will see that he is no different from the mother of gold, for example, forged on the headboard or in the design of the mirror over komodom.To there is material in the Diffuse slot which should be black, on reflection, slightly yellowish, such as you see in the image. Also reflection Fresnel should be, in other words tick Fresnel reflections should be enabled or Reflect slot must be inserted Falloff card type Fresnel recession. To spy how about, should look gold settings, you can download free 3d model double sconce with gold mount. You can download it and simply to base its materiala.Dalshe to simulate light reflections smearing Highlight and give the material the "Silk", you need to slightly tweak anisotropy. For more information about what it is, look in great detail about the theme, how to make a material anisotropic steel v-Ray .Anisotropy 0.3 - would be dostatochno.V general vsё.No you must understand that the main feature clearly distinguishes fabric material, the material gold, will form the model, namely the presence of her minor realistic fabric Zamyatin. In our case, with a quilted bedspread, it is also a square grouting around the perimeter tkani.Sdelat such Zamiatnin possible geometry, Bump Map, diyspleysom or all vmeste.Samy easiest option is to make a Bump map of this square and just растайлить its perimeter blankets the surface. These bumps make gold material - shelkovym.Material the head - virtually the same as those for the exception that in the Diffuse slot is Falloff map with textured gold velvet. More specifically, a yellowish velvet-like in the pictures. And in one slot Falloff is the original structure, and the other - slightly darkened. Or, vice versa, the original in one slot in the other - slightly clarified. This will give the illusion of a light material hairiness on uneven surfaces model. Then on facing frontally to the camera parts of the model you will see a darker texture, and curved, lying to the camera view is not parallel and perpendicular, will be visible lighter texture. To see an example of a typical Falloff Slot Diffuse velvet material, download 3d model of teddy chair course does Bump slot in the head of a velvet material must lie the same as the original texture of velvet, as in Diffuse😉

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