Creating plants 3D models

5 Jan, 2017 Olya
5 Jan, 2017 # Re: Creating plants 3D models

Hello renderstuff! You are my last hope! Prompt, point, give practical advice on creating 3d models of plants, elegant vases with flowers, trees of all yes, anything in this regard:


Is that all you can create in Max as quickly as the other models of the same furniture or buildings.

8 Jan, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
8 Jan, 2017 # Re: Creating plants 3D models


It all depends on what is your final goal. For example, if you need to plant flower beds in the exterior, the most rational solution - purchase collections of ready-made models and do not waste their time on their creation. If you before you put a challenge, literally, for a given reference (photograph or throw, etc.), to create a 3d model of the plant, such a task is extremely difficult to perform.

The fact that the plant is very complicated geometric shape. Each leaf, each blade of each petal, stamen ... in the good, have to be made "fair" geometry. Only in some cases, you can save polygons, "clipping" flat shapes using Opacity Map. And, most of all must be modeled. And even mapped it ( apply a texture ), create texture, to create material. And all this for each petals, each stem, etc ..

The model of the flower, at times, can be more complex and consist of more polygons than a kitchen module, together with the geometry of the kitchen. Therefore, I would not compare with the simulation modeling flora furniture, at least the body (rectangular boxes made of particle board).

Looking at the second reference to the vase, then, honestly, I would not have picked up the implementation of such a model. I took not even appreciate it. Of course it can be done, of course it is a particular form of something and does not prevent its repeat, but the creation of such a model will be spent huge number of time and patience. But the "exhaust" in the form of twenty pixels to render somewhere in the corner of the room, clearly not justify the costs. The only adequate motive for the creation of such a model, it is a personal desire to do it "for himself". But the commercial application of such efforts "on stream" - is unlikely to be in demand.

That is why, for the "flow" when the result is necessary adequate costs, created a lot of generators vegetation geometry. For example OnyxTREE or GrowFX . In fact it stendalon or as a plug-in programs that allow you to generate geometry, visually reminiscent of plant elements. Of course, with their help, it will be difficult or even impossible to establish clearly the plant for a given reference, but to do something similar - it is possible. Returning to the example, with a vase, it is usually sufficient to generate similar flowers, about the color, about the form. Import them into a single scene with a vase and then manually assign and to scale, much like on the reference. As a result, you will receive, if not exactly the same as in the picture in a vase, but a bouquet can get very similar. And not the fact that you will get worse, possibly as a result will be even better. Although in this case (using generator) doubt the rationality of labor to produce a result.

Finally I want to say that we should not forget that in addition to creating the geometry, textures and materials, the vegetation is very difficult prorenderivat. Firstly, such a bouquet of a lot of small parts, and therefore the need to maintain not only render high resolution, and high settings AA . Secondly, the rendering will be very long, since almost all the elements of the plant is translucency in one form or another. It is this, above all, distinguishes "juicy» saturated greens from the "plastic crumbs».

5 Jan, 2017 Olya
8 Jan, 2017 # Re: Creating plants 3D models
Thank you, Anton. Yes, the most important thing in my head there was a clear understanding that whether or not all this is done the geometry and everything is done by hand. Although everything else I model it manually, but think: "Suddenly there is some easy way to to model such a complex in the modeling beauty" And now I understand that there is. Two days wool web sit to the question that I finally around confused. Ready to use libraries, of course, but for streaming renders and want something their already exclusive and even just have to learn how to model the flora for another model I have no problems. And most of all I'm interested in exteriors. I sought as a model recently poplar. Well, is not it, and does not allow to buy .. but do not let money, so I want to learn how to simulate all this greenery). Thank you very much for your reply !!!

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