Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3

19 Apr, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Creating a scene of the exterior. Lesson from gus_ann. Part 3.

In this part of the lesson we will deal with vegetation. We will grow grass, trees, bushes, trees.

There are many methods of propagation of grass on the surface, mainly these are various plug-ins.

For this purpose I will use the plug-in "Forest Pro". "Forest Pro" is an excellent plug-in that supports Mental Ray, VRay, VRayRT, Maxwell Render, Octane, Arion, Thea Render and Corona Renderer, it allows you to propagate any geometry (bagels, teapots, carpet nap, or fallen autumn leaves, as in The example of Denis "visualization of the autumn park") on the surface (not necessarily even), but if you use the licensed version, you will have to pay about 190 euros. There is also a free licensed version of this plugin -Forest Pack Lite, although it carries a number of limitations, namely:

A limited number of distributed objects,
Limited areas for distributed objects,
Spread over an uneven surface is impossible,
You can not convert a created Forest object to an Editable Mesh.

On the official site of the plug-in you can see video tutorials on how to use, most of which are based on the use of the Forest Pack Lite version, as well as the ability to download the original lesson scene and practice.

For work, we also need the vegetation itself - grass and trees that we will distribute. For quick work, I will not model vegetation myself, but I will use already ready models. I use three Evermotion books:

Archmodels vol. 124 (models are made for versions of max 2010 and higher)
Archmodels vol. 106 (models are executed for versions of max 2009 and higher)
Archmodels vol. 117 (models are executed for versions of max 2009 and higher)


In the top view, I will draw a closed line - the area of ​​grass propagation, like this:

For this site I will use clover, you can take any grass - dandelions for example:

I will join the model 048 to my scene, prescribe the textures to it and put it away from the main events of the scene, so that I know where the model is located and it did not fall into the camera's visibility.

Create a Forest object.
I'll draw the drawn line, and go to Itoo Software:

Click the Forest Pro button and click again on its line, which can be pre-insulated:

The appearance of this menu will change. The Forest Pro - Forest 001 object will be created and the program will ask what we end up creating? Click on the modifier button:

We will see that now we have Forest 001 consists of standard default objects, which the program set by default. You will see large, rarely located planes perpendicular to the ground. Next, we need to tell the program that instead of these planes we need a clover:

To change the standard geometry, we must click on the plus button, so we add one more element of the grass, distributed inside the closed line:

Another line called New Item appears, select Custom object below, click on the None button, and click on the clover model in any projection window. Then a window will appear asking you to "Display the geometry of the grass as a proxy?". Answer - "yes":

At the moment it turns out that the object Forest 001 consists of two elements - planes and clover. Select the line with the proposed default geometry and click on the cross - delete it:

If we now render, we will see that clover in the scene has appeared, but it is so rarely growing that it is not noticeable at all:

Let's correct this situation.

Let's go to the Distribution Map (map of the distribution of the object), put the Dense card (dense, thick).

The density is 3000 Units:

Also I found the clover large, so I globally change the scale of the grass in the forest pro itself, in the scroll Geometry:

Here's what happens:

I do not like some empty areas where the grass grows unevenly, I change the parameter of the grass fusion:

Also, I will reduce the amount of displayed grass in the viewport in the Display:


All would be nothing, but that's only my grass is some kind of the same, there is no diversity in it in slope, height, turn. I'll go into the Transform roll, turn on the ticks for transforming the grass on the slope, turn and height, and also change some parameters:


If you think that the clover grows too tightly, reduce the merger threshold in the Distribution Map, picking the value to your taste:


Well, it looks like the truth.


I will use several trees from Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 106:

Christmas tree from the collection Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 117:

I'll start adding the trees in turn to the stage.

I join the first tree, I isolate it. The tree is assembled into a group - it consists of separate objects, so I, first, ungroup it, then select one object of the tree (if necessary, translate it into Editable Poly) and attach to this element all other parts of the tree to get a single object. I'll assign the texture to this model and translate it into Proxy. Since I do not have many trees in the scene, I will multiply all the trees using the instanse method and manually put the models as I need, while I will rotate and scale them:

In the background I will put the birches in the same way:

Firs and bushes I need to close the black line below the horizon, where the sky ends. This problem has several solutions:

Use another HDRI map, which has below the horizon line there is earth, grass, etc.,
Instead of the usual plane, use the Vray plane, then this plate will go to infinity, thereby matching the horizon line of the HDRI map, which, as we know, is also infinitely removed,
The creation of a certain relief of the earth - that is, the very plane-ground must be bent and raised in some areas so that it covers the black strip. With a curved relief, you will not be able to use the free Forest Pack Lite plug-in, and I want you to do it with minimal expenses.

I took the bush Bush continuation.

Arrangement of trees and bushes:


I would like to add a little grass, in the foreground where the clover grows, on the sides of the bench and behind it.

I will use Forest Pro. Hide all trees, trees, to see an area of ​​tall grass - the place where I need to plant it:

Draw this area with a closed line:

I chose the grass the following way:

I will join the model of grass, I will prescribe the texture. I'll select the drawn line, create Forest 002 (in accordance with the way we planted the clover), I will change the standard geometry to my grass. Here are my settings for the propagation of grass:

There were little things left - texting the border, composing the composition, it is possible to add some small things - a book, garbage on the road (leaves, sticks, pebbles, bulls), etc .:

In the next part of the lesson, let's take a look at the option of setting the camera's depth-of-field and set the final render settings.

14 Jun, 2015 Ilya
14 Jun, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Please tell me - how to make that grass would not extend beyond the region. I want to do the lawn, but he constantly Dense piecewise gets beyond the line.

15 Jun, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
15 Jun, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Ilya, hello. The problem is known. The first thing you should pay attention - not too high grass you are trying to sit beam. If high, then naturally these bundles will come out abroad splines, they simply have no choice. Try to do less than the grass itself, which is seated. Let no blades 20 and 10. The second thing I would like to draw attention - the new version of Forest Pro problem vylezanija grass for limiting the scope very well implemented. Grass clearly keeps its borders. Here is an example: If for some reason you do not get to achieve the desired result, then try to twist parameters scroll Areas, which clean up the area around the splines. And also you can try to reduce the scale of the grass near the spline curves and the twist (I'm not cool in the example). Should help in your situation:

10 Jul, 2015 Darya
10 Jul, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Good evening! 1) question about trees, their translation of the group into a single Editable poly.Pravilno understand that when the poly enclosure Editable Editable to the poly, then you need to select the item Match material to material IDs, and then automatically creates (increases stack) Multi / subObject material? 2) The case is unique, but I put in the scene tree №42 of Evermotion 106 🙂. The fact that he leaves attached Materialbyelement modifier (in 3 different materyala foliage leaf) and when the enclosure to the foliage of the barrel, it turns out that this is already the modifier can not be used, otherwise it fills the trunk and green. That is a choice: either the trunk or all-green leaves of the same? 3) Forest pack also need to breeding facility was one Editable poly? With groups does not work? Thank you in advance! 😁

15 Jun, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
10 Jul, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
1. Before enclosure leaves the trunk translate them into poly. Thus, you work off modifier Materialbyelement, applying it to all the elements. That is, ungroup the entire tree. Transferred to poly, enclosure afterwards. The trunk is not repainted. But there on the trunk applied modifikatov displacement, and it is likely to be lost, so the trunk will have to refine the material itself. 2. When priattachivaesh eleienty necessary to choose item Match material to material IDs, to keep all the materials in the right places. 3. Forest not working with groups.

2 Sep, 2015 Olga
2 Sep, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Good evening! Prompt novice how to install ForestPackLite441 ForestPackLite441 Has downloaded, which should put forth or just run .. (I have 64 max2015), if you can drop by-step what to do, but I'm afraid all the max screw up ....

15 Jun, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
2 Sep, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Download the program to a folder on your computer: You open that folder and you see only one image installer, for which it is necessary to click 2 times: Next you will be asked - whether you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer. I must say "yes." Then start the installation routine (perhaps there is a window where you should click on the checkbox agree (to accept the agreement🙂. Then press the "Next" button until you start to install the program and do not deliver. All. With licensed versions of all just, they shall be removed without any problem and without any problems. But I would still recommended to put the Pro version. If you can not buy what I do with it not prompt, I have a license.

2 Sep, 2015 Olga
2 Sep, 2015 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Thank you very much for an authoritative opinion!

30 Aug, 2016 Aleksandra
30 Aug, 2016 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Tell me - is it possible to do in Forest pack composite material - to gravel and several kinds of herbs do not cross each other?

15 Jun, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
30 Aug, 2016 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3
Alexander, hello. I do not quite understand whether the Forest zadachu.Mozhet keep several kinds of materials or whether it is possible to scatter plugin different geometries on different sites without intersections, but the answer is - "Yes" can do both.

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