Cups 3d models cats-n-dogs

27 Jan, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Two original painted ceramic baby cups. Both 3d models have the same geometry, their main difference lies in the texture of the material. On the left, on preview, 3d model the drawing of funny ginger cat with six straight antennae and pulled his hind legs up is applied. The top of free 3d model cup marked with blue decorative stripe with colorful fish painted on it. The 3d model of the right cup, the drawing of cool long-eared dog red color is applied, in the same style as the 3d model of cup with a cat. Both cups will be liked by kids who will be happy to drink from these cups fresh milk or juice, turning the food consuming to an exciting game. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray. Hope you'll like it!

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