Current Transformed Toroidal 3d Model

8 Apr, 2014 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Realistic 3d model of power electricity transformer with toroid core. It resembles the static electromagnetic device with ring magnetic circuit that has copper winding on it. The winding’s coils are opened and not protected by varnish fabric; this gives the specific copper shine and instant recognition and identification to this transformer among other distinct radio components. Certainly, there are only the windings 3d models. As the core is not visible, it isn’t present in 3d model. There are two windings, done in different methods. The first one is the main torus shape, made using the normal mapping technology, when the normals are projected on a mid-poly object from its super-high-polygonal version. The material, mapping, and pre-rendered normal map are already set up and there is no need to adjust any setting to get it working. To have more realistic look, the model has the second layer of windings, which gives more volume to the transformer thanks to freely sitting copper wire. The 3d model has four thick wire coming out the torus. They are the blue, red, yellow, and green. Originally, they are made as splines and are converted to polygonal mesh for better compatibility. However, if there a need to lay the wires in any other way, it is sufficient to replace the mesh wires by spline of similar thickness and apply the one of the mentioned materials. Do not forget to rearrange the thermocontractible insulators with the metallic plugs correspondingly. The 3d itself has a high quality, has a subdividable topology, real-world scale, and professionally tuned material. It can be used in near and close-up views. This 3d model of ring transformer is ready for rendering without any additional tweaks. However, it is important to remember that the main material of this 3d models is copper, which look directly depends on the scene surroundings. That is the everything around in 3d scene would be reflected on the shiny surface of the transformer’s windings.

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