Curtains 3d model tulle transparent flower patterned

11 Sep, 2010 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The half-transparent blinds models of a bluish polyester organza. The curtains pattern is the decorative petals like-designs. It gives a curtain refinement, lightness and forms a beautiful shadow in a shiny sunny day. Besides, the blue organza color will filter the hot summer yellow sunrays and will make a coolness feeling in the interior. The tulle has a specific soft shine. Such a curtain is a good decoration for the window opening and it adds completeness to an any textile composition; from a rich austere curtain with lambrequin and fanciful brushes and bows to a simple straight night curtains. The curtain should be suspended by a sewed to its upper part hooks to a nickel curtain wire of a suspending system with injection dowels, which hold a great stretch load. The lace curtain usually in hanged behind the night curtains, but the modern window decorating tendencies allow to place the lace curtain over the main curtains. The curtain 3d model has the tiled texture maps and, even more, the model itself made as a well-matching mesh pattern with a perfect horizontal tiling. This lets to collect the curtains 3d models of the any length easily. To do this, you need to convert a model to the Editable Poly and use the Array from the standard 3ds Max tools. Using it, you need to clone the model for a needed number of times with a 1930 mm step. Do not forget to set the Copy for the Type of object. Then, select one of the arrayed models and attach all other clones using the Attach button in the Editable Poly instruments. The last thing to do is to select all vertices and Weld them with a minimum threshold. Curtains 3d model is one-sided and this appreciably lightens the mesh. The main 3d model material is half-transparent with the specific organza reflections. It's in the Front Material slot of the pseudo translucency VRay2SidedMtl shader. This allows to get the strong window lighting on the backface of the one-sided model. To increase or decrease this effect, you need to tune the Translucency color in the VRay2SidedMtl material. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

30 Nov, 2010 Dmitriy
30 Nov, 2010 # Re: Curtains 3d model tulle transparent flower patterned
Thank you!

5 Dec, 2011 AlphaOmega
5 Dec, 2011 # Re: Curtains 3d model tulle transparent flower patterned
Thank you so much! Excellent model and a great texture!

3 Jan, 2012 Rain
3 Jan, 2012 # Re: Curtains 3d model tulle transparent flower patterned
Thank you, cool model. 👍

15 Nov, 2012 SaintMaverick
15 Nov, 2012 # Re: Curtains 3d model tulle transparent flower patterned
Thank you

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