Display 3d model 24 inch led cinema

31 Jan, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Professional LCD monitor with a matrix of LED backlighting in an aluminum casing. This 3d model is made based on the legendary Apple's 24-Inch LED Cinema Display, are of high quality reproduced image, excellent color rendition, contrast and ultra-modern design. 3d model of a 24-inch monitor will satisfy all fans and admirers of the cult software and hardware products from Apple. Its use is appropriate in the 3d stage of any interior in any 3d rendering, where it is necessary to issue a workplace for the computer desk. On the perimeter 3d monitor model is framed gray aluminum frame, while the rear wall, with an apple logo is made of black matt plastic. Logo itself on the back of the free 3d models, as bitten apple leaf on top, made just black, but a glossy plastic. The front panel of 3d models, on which is a review of images, has a stylish thick plastic edging, similar to that used in the logo of the back wall. At the bottom edging adorns the aluminum apple. On the screen 3d monitor model is self-luminous material with a texture desktop screen grab from Mac OS X. On the rear wall and the aluminum-leg stand monitor has special holes for coaxial wiring DVI signal cable and power cable. The material of the cable on the spline you want to apply the material used in the 3d model display and assign the spline material id 6, corresponding to the material of white plastic. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

3 Feb, 2011 Franck Bernard Cassagne
3 Feb, 2011 # Re: Display 3d model 24 inch led cinema
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