Door 3d model solid wooden

5 May, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
This free door 3d model is work of 3d art. It is a realistic copy of the real-life finished door. Beautiful photo-realistic and highly detailed textures, perfectly mapped to 3d modelгыштп UVW mapping. On this 3d model of the door the every detail is visible. All the details of external finishes literally worked out. It looks great even in the viewport. Without a doubt, that on the 3d visualization, it will look even more beautiful. The door is a blind brown wooden construction with a pronounced woody structure. Feature of the door is that its upper part is made in the form of an arch. The same arched form repeat the upper panels running around the inside perimeter of the door leaf. In both upper corners of the door are beautiful patterns made of colored veneer. Included with the 3d model of door are joinery and door frames. Aprons decorated with three longitudinal furrows. At the top, the door linings end figures in the form of small pyramids with a slight angle. The upper, horizontal casing decorated with a pattern, just made of superimposed thin veneer. The main feature of the whole structure is the upper decorative crown casing. It is decorated with yellow squares, covered with a thin film of gold leaf. Light cup-like fixtures 3d models, used on preview of the 3d model can be found in 3d models of lamps section. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

17 Sep, 2012 elena
17 Sep, 2012 # Re: Door 3d model solid wooden

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