Door 3d model wooden with glass

11 Oct, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The free 3d model of very stylish interior door of the red wood. This is the double door,both wings of which are not closed, they have transparent glass inserts. The lower insert is a glass with the rectangle shape on its surface. Moreover, inside the rectangle there is a beautiful decorative image in a form of white leafs. The glass in this free 3d model of door is made with usual box primitive. However, the actual image is not on the both face and back faces; it is made using separate 3d model with the opacity map applied. Such a trick let us avoid the doubling image effect, which is evident when we look at the glass 3d model under the some angle. The such front and back face doubling is not an issue here. The scene with the doors 3d model contains the actual doors with glass and the door case with plat bands. The both door wings are double-sided, so you can merge this free 3d model into scene without worrying about its postiton. Main thing is to make sure the platbands not go deep into the walls 3d model. The door wings have the correct rotation centers. They allow opening and closing the doors with ease, making your scene have the realistic chaotic position of objects. Do not bother the 3d rendering’s viewers with the usual 3d models identical symmetry. This 3d model is the complex option of the single wooden door free 3d model with the golden setting. It can be found on door 3d models page. Use of both these doors 3d models in your 3d renderings will save the overall interior style and will make your visual great! Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

14 Oct, 2011 zero
14 Oct, 2011 # Re: Door 3d model wooden with glass
👍 thanks a lot...

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