Doors 3d model brown kit

10 Feb, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Brown wooden doors kit 3d models. The single-door decorless door-post depth can be changed by vertex moving in editable mesh or poly. Transparency of glass can be changed by changing refraction glossiness in vray mtl of V-ray renderer. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

19 Nov, 2010 rookie260189
19 Nov, 2010 # Re: Doors 3d model brown kit
A manufacturer of the door there, or so out of your head? 🙂

19 Nov, 2010 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
19 Nov, 2010 # Re: Doors 3d model brown kit
Yes, all of the library 3d model made by photo-reference really existing things and have real prototypes. Many bitmap textures for 3d models is made from real photos of prototype objects. When it comes to the actual names of specific models, then, unfortunately, we do not always aware of them. Typically references of on which the objects are made initially not contain this information. Also, do not always indicate the specific ethical brands, indirectly using their popularity. Therefore, most of the models RenderStuff, though, and are copies of real objects, but as a rule, are abstract names.

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