Easy change parts of models in 3ds Max

19 Nov, 2015 Klim3D
19 Nov, 2015 # Re: Easy change parts of models in 3ds Max
Good evening. Please tell me how to organize a rapid process of replacing some of the details of the model in the scene 3Dsmax? There is a model chandeliers, in which there are different options for lampshades. How to do it right so that you can quickly and easily change them in one scene even experienced 3dshnikam? Some use different texture only and can be changed via a scene state, or simply save all materials in the library. But what if the ceiling different geometry? Thank you!

19 Nov, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)
19 Nov, 2015 # Re: Easy change parts of models in 3ds Max
Klim3D, a variety of options. It all depends on whether there is a desire to understand the additional functions of 3ds Max: it can be a scene states, banal moving outside the chamber, animated movement, easy rigging, the layers, the xref and others propose pospolzovatsya layer functionality (Layers) in 3ds Max.. For those who do not know, the layers in 3D is not the same as the layers in the same Photoshop. In the 3d layers rather, simply a convenient method to group objects to separate the panels, then to make quick action on the entire group at once. For example, to quickly hide (hide) and disclose (unhide). So, all the objects that make up the first version of lampshades, add them to the new layer "Plafonds 1" = switch off hiding layer (hide) straight from the panel Layers button in the form of light bulbs. Then, similarly to the second, third and so on. I podobavlyal all povyklyuchal. It includes only one that is needed at the moment and are using. It is necessary to change? I turned off the current, turned right. Conveniently 🙂

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