Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray

20 Jun, 2013 mypp
20 Jun, 2013 # Re: Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray
tell me how to finish To post lakirvanaya surface looked as if there are several layers of lacquer, as it were, more deeply chtoli?

23 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
23 Jun, 2013 # Re: Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray

What you need is a multi-layered material Blend. It is this material is VRayBlendMtl . In short, the essence of his work as follows:

The Base material slot - embedded base material. For example, the material mat of wood.

At nine slots Coat materials - invested the right amount of material layers. In your case, you can just put back the same material frosted tree, and then increase the value Refl. glossiness, so that this material was shiny.

As a result, you get a composite material, with frosted tree covered with gloss "paint."

As for exactly thick layer that is physically deposited on the surface of the clearcoat, the thickness of not just one shader can not do. This is possible only through layer geometry simulating lacquer surface. However, it is more than irrational. In almost all cases, the method described by me with a multilayered VRayBlendMtl, more than enough for all situations. I suppose you're going to do the usual furniture. You can safely use the blend material to simulate a layer of varnish😉

7 Dec, 2013 dima
7 Dec, 2013 # Re: Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray
Hello! the question arises why use this composite material rather than simply increase the value Refl. glossiness from the source material?

7 Dec, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
7 Dec, 2013 # Re: Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray
Well, the answer is complex, if you understand-well, if not, sooner. Let's have a varnished parquet, it is necessary that the depth of the texture of the board felt. To do this, you are using bump. If screwed Reflect, it will be with all the differences of the bump map. If you use a blend material, the bump depth will remain, and the top is covered with varnish all without changes, rovno.Eto necessary for high-quality material as in life. There are board, a certain color with a certain texture. We cover it with varnish = blend material.

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