Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?

18 Jul, 2013 Margarita
18 Jul, 2013 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?
Good day to all! Please tell me why when rendering images "swim" such errors in the following screenshot? What I did wrong? Thank you in advance for your reply.

18 Jul, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
18 Jul, 2013 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?


V-Ray the log , it is built into the V-Ray System Alert. It has four levels mesedzh that are displayed on a background of a different color:

Red background - critical errors
Green background - just warnings
White background - rendering the current stats
Black background - debug messages (for developers)

You have a green background, then it's just a warning.

warning Subpixel color mapping is on rendered result may have incorrect brightness.


warning: Performance loss: number of rendering threads ( 8) greater than number of light cache passes ( 4); some threads thread will be idle.

By Russ. - Warning: Loss of productivity: the amount of computing system flow (8) is greater than the amount of light cache passes (4), some threads will be idle.

Literally, it means that you are already 8 processing threads (most likely you have a family processor i7 with the HT , ie the 4th physical cores, each running two flow total of 8 processing threads), and in settings Light the Cache , in Number of passes, set share LC miscalculation on the part of all 4e. As a result, LC is considered only 4n flow, while the remaining flow system 4e - idle. Put the value of the Number of passes 8 and the message will disappear.

2 Sep, 2013 Irina
2 Sep, 2013 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?
Hello! Window V-Ray messages error: What is this error?

2 Sep, 2013 Irina
3 Sep, 2013 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?
Hooray, I solved the problem. Thank you, your site, cool you are. The following way. Natalknulas for discussion "takes off the VRay the Max 3d" ( ) read. I check all object, render an empty scene in Default geometry uchstanovila value Dynamic. did not help. But the entrance test vyyasnelas that empty stage with light is not rendered, and objects in odelno-rendered. The scene before the cameras aimed at renderil window, the camera direction from the window on the wall protevopolozhnuyu not. IES uchasvuyuschie not removed in the scene are above the window, I went processes. I did not understand that it has changed? Can someone tell me? Not really IES are not mended above the pass light to illuminate the wall protivopoluzhnuyu window?

2 Sep, 2013 Irina
4 Sep, 2013 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?
: | I isnova problem persists only now she vylaziet not every time. the main scene to render, but the inclusion of decor items that an error the above stories. it shows the render time as much as 345 hours, and sometimes the odnti zeros.

28 Jan, 2014 Gribnoy sup
28 Jan, 2014 # Re: Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do?
Please tell me when rendering issues warning: overbright or invalid color and several invalid bump normal from texture "bump" (and without specifying in which objects). Render hangs at the stage of building light cash, waiting for the computer 9 hours, he considered everything, and the process did not go. The floor of the scene without the material is rendered without a problem. What a way to solve? How to find kosyachny mat?

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