Error parsing Xaml file at 3DMax2011 startup

6 May, 2014 walna
6 May, 2014 # Re: Error parsing Xaml file at 3DMax2011 startup
Good afternoon! Thank you very much for your lessons, in my experience, they are a great help. Engaged in interiors for the second year, and faced with an error - this is the window out at the start of the program, if anyone tells you I will be very grateful. Error parsing Xaml file: Root element is missing The main Ribbon configuration file is possibly corrupt. Reset to factory defaults? ๐Ÿ™‚

7 May, 2014 Anton (Staff Author)
7 May, 2014 # Re: Error parsing Xaml file at 3DMax2011 startup
Hello! Most likely you do not properly set 3ds Max and not all program files are available, in particular files of its Ribbon interface. Everything is possible in this case, to advise it or reinstall the max as an administrator, or install a different version of 3ds Max, such as 3ds Max 2013 or higher. At least, in 2013, I personally problem with Ribbon saw. As an option, try to enter the C: Users "your user name" AppDataLocalAutodesk3dsMax2011 - 64bitenuUI Take away there "MaxManaged.xaml" and rename "MaxManaged.xaml.backup" in "MaxManaged.xaml". Perhaps you can help๐Ÿ˜‰

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