When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff

5 Apr, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
5 Apr, 2011 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
We are often asked the following question: "In one of the lessons already published on the site, you promise to reveal another interesting topic of writing for her new splint I just want to ask when we can expect this lesson.?" We are very glad that you keep a close eye on our posts and look forward to new publications on the site. For this you thank you! As many of you know, RenderStuff originally a non-profit project. All we're doing in its pages - this is our hobby and as happens with any hobby, we can deal with them in their free time. So between the two announcements and the emergence of new interesting publications you, it may take several weeks or even months. After all, there is need for themselves, as well as to feed the family and friends has not been canceled 🙂, and this necessarily have a stable income, which currently brings us only our professional activities. From it we have nsimplified the can not give up, once again, for the reasons described above. We will be very happy if we will be able to turn our hobby into work and to engage in all free and work time writing interesting articles, conduct tests and surveys of various iron, gadgets for 3d, creation and publication of high quality, free patterns, free qualified consultations here in the discussions and many other things necessary to all who are interested in computer graphics. You can also direct itself to help. Buying 3d premium quality model for your projects, you will make a contribution not only in the transformation of your scenes, but also in getting the perfect place to replenish the knowledge, free patterns, read class reviews and articles, and a communication on the topics of interest of your hobbies and for many of you - and interesting work😉

27 Jul, 2011 ASRockus
27 Jul, 2011 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Uv.RenderStuff, are looking forward to the continuation of the articles, do more than nothing should write? Your articles, just a storehouse of knowledge. Nothing of the sort seen in runet. Write more, good luck.

5 Apr, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
27 Jul, 2011 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Hey, we still like going😉 has already started work on writing the next part of the series of articles about the best settings-Ray the V . Specifically, over the lesson of the tab Settings.

22 Aug, 2012 FFA
22 Aug, 2012 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Thanks guys! 👍

3 Nov, 2013 Maks
3 Nov, 2013 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Watching your life starts to come to life again, it's very good. We began to appear new discussion, prompt and you will do in the near future lessons on setting animation (which you have mentioned in previous articles) or are now little free time?

3 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
3 Nov, 2013 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff


In fact, he did not abate once, just there are literally seasons of activity. This is connected both with the study, and with the work of the users of the site. For example, we always have a calm to the beginning of spring with a failure in the middle of summer and a revival in the beginning of autumn, with a peak in the middle of winter, even in NG, as a rule, the activity of visitors does not fall. This also applies to the overall traffic to the site. So it just came autumn, that's increased seasonal activity😁

As for the tutor, we try to get away from the concept of a purely authorial resource, giving you the floor. For example, I had the following idea. Write tutorials on setting V-Ray, about Render in HDRI and then on the example of a ready (real) technical assignment, to show the process of rendering the interior from and to. That is, from the settings that we have already considered and to which I would simply refer, to the process of reading TK and its execution. But, as it is not strange, without waiting for somebody, gus_ann did it. She just took and wrote a tutor of four (1,2,3,4) parts and, I hope, in the near future to appear and fifth. This lesson fit perfectly into our vision of information on the site, and continuing what we did.

I want to say right away that I designed the tutor on the pages of the site myself, after gus_ann handed it to me in Word format, that is, I somehow read it and fully approve it as useful information. In other words, this tutor can no longer be considered purely user-generated content, as the site's administration checked and approved this information and in general is responsible for it. If it is more convenient for you to perceive, you can consider this tutor to be an equivalent tutor from the site administration. Moreover, in fact, he is so.

If we wrote the tutor, would we write it differently?
Formally, with some details and style of presentation, yes, it would be different, like some tricks in it. But in fact, all the principles outlined there would be exactly the same.

Yes, because gus_ann, just as we did not wait for the lesson from us, asked us questions on the site and found out the answers to all questions as they appeared, which of course also affected some of the tricks in the lesson.

Why am I saying this?
But to the fact that you should not wait for somebody, not some tutors not from any "gurus" and "authorities", just ask them as they arise and assemble into one. Then you will best form in your head this or that technique and, probably, without knowing it, you will become an authority for other, less experienced trideshniki, sharing your "assembly" here on the site😉

15 Mar, 2015 Usco (3d modeling expert)
15 Mar, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Anton, hello!
You have soon a new lesson is planned ? Do not tell a brief summary of the lesson, so to speak 🙂 announcement?

3 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
16 Mar, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff

Usco, hello!

We plan tract of 5i parts. The details I can not disclose, but the theme of the lesson - computer hardware for trideshnikov. I hope that after the publication of the first part already, questions about what to buy for the same work in 3ds Max greatly diminished😁

The theoretical part will be aimed primarily for very beginners, that is for those who still can not decide, "What is the best hard drive to take to render walked faster»😁 Practical already will explain the specific choice, describe the construction of business systems for specific purposes and etc .. That is, to be quite advanced in the direction of specialists to solve specific problems and faced with specific, but not unique to the industry problems, but will definitely be interesting and beginners😉

16 Mar, 2015 Valentin
16 Mar, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Guys, you've probably already heard it many times, but I can not say thank you for your hard work, for the amount of knowledge that you are available and a free form of publishing. Actually the question whether you have tried the crown? We do not plan to do a review / comparison on virey / crown. And simply it would be interesting to read the opinions of people with your level of experience, about this new imaging system.

3 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
16 Mar, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Hello! There are marvelous renderer V-Ray, long ago became the de facto reference. What is the meaning of "twitch" and come to another renderer, even if theoretically admit that it is not worse? Just to try it? 😁 My personal experience tells me that it is better to try to reach a new level of using current tools, than to try to change the tool (ie flea) if there are any problems with the level. In all seriousness I do not see more than one reason and no reason to change the renderer that allows you to do anything would be a fantasy to another which, for example, can do the same. You can not make realistic realistic and V-Ray allows you to do absolutely realistic. If your V-Ray to make a photorealistic image "does not allow", I would argue that it is not in V-Ray😁 Can I be wrong and whether any compelling arguments in favor of another engine? Of course I can, and they can be, but it matters to a separate topic. If you want to prepare a comparative material and a set of indisputable (without subjectivism and supported by objective examples) benefits for some alternative (for V-Ray) renderer - welcome in a separate topic 👍 I think it will be interesting to check out the "for" and " against "in this respect😉

PS: Please do not abuse this topic about the new lessons discussing the benefits of render engines, then they have no place for such discussions, we have a whole section . Thank you!

22 Nov, 2015 Sergey
22 Nov, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Question guru and administration site 🙂 I noticed that last lesson was dated 2011-2012 years (or I badly searched?), Please tell us more planned basic lessons Render Elements?

3 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
22 Nov, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Hello! Recent lessons from us, yes, but we have a lot of interesting lessons from other authors. Links to them are brought to the main page. As for the lesson about the Render Elements, then we do not plan to. And not just because it was not planning to, but also because in general it is not welcome "dopilivanie" Render to render the level of elements , with very few exceptions, koi are described here in the relevant topics. However, if someone wants to write a lesson and put on the website , we will be glad and happy to help him in writing and design😉

22 Nov, 2015 Sergey
22 Nov, 2015 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Well done keep it up! I am personally very long sought out a variety of information from the internet bit by bit, I think like many others! Everything is more accessible and presented in an understandable way! 👍

2 May, 2016 .KA.
2 May, 2016 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Hi, For a long time looking for a good understanding subject, nowhere in detail. Can you make a tutorial 1. How does divide shading rate 2. How divide shading rate interacts with AA 3. The better divide shading rate on than off Thanks

3 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
9 May, 2016 # Re: When to expect new tutorials on RenderStuff
Hello, Divide shading rate - a function of little use, is not worthy of special attention, in this emphasize even the developers themselves. Read the theme of " New tools in-Ray 3.0 the V », it is just this "feature" is discussed, I hope there izozhzhennaya information will help you to fix it😉

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