Globo Lamps

Free Globo Lamps 3d model rendering image
Original modern night lights in the high-tech style. 3d models of these lamps represent a paper lanterns of cylindrical shape, suspended from a curved steel mounting rod which is attached to a stable flattened hemispherical base. 3d models flattened chrome bases have not only mounting and a decorative function and also serve as large switches sensitive to touch. Simply touch and this ground and built into the paper ceiling lamp warm night light will shine immediately, emitting a nice warm glow. The free 3d models of nightlight lamp performs the role of 3d object in the form of an ellipse. On it the self-luminous VRayLightMtl material applied, which eliminates the need to apply for 3d visualization separate light source to simulate the scattered glow of night. Included are two 3d models of night lights. Their mesh is completely identical, they just have different materials. One free 3d model lamp has a white paper lampshade, lampshade of another 3d model lamp is colored red. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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