Old-style classic table

Free Old-style classic table 3d model rendering image
Classic Desk for reading books and reference documents in the home office. Free 3d model of table is made of natural wood. Table legs 3d models have a beautiful shape, tapering at the bottom and widening at the top, a smooth transition into the frame of the table on which lay a solid lid. On the sides of the legs and the perimeter of the lateral parts of the frame table is a golden edge, emphasizing the elegance of lines and classic styling of this free 3d model. Legs and frame 3d models connected together so that was not visible seams, which creates the impression of structural integrity, as if the frame is carved from a single wooden beam or machined out of black marble. Frame 3d model is painted with black paint, which is covered with a thin layer of transparent protective lacquer. This gives the 3d model's black tree a shine. Tabletop also is wooden. It is made from solid wood boards, pasted on the perimeter of the rounded bead that serve as a decorative edge. Wood countertops of free 3d models so bright colors, with the structure of a coniferous tree, and covered with a transparent shiny varnish. The body of the 3d model of this table are two drawers with a beautiful ornate wrought handles. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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