White corner sofa with brown cushions

Free White corner sofa with brown cushions 3d model rendering image
Free 3d model of white soft corner for the living room. In fact, it is just a big three seater sofa, one of the seats of which has an elongated shape. This soft corner part is very comfortable to lay on it with both legs and make oneself comfortable in front of TV screen. The base of the sofa is symmetrical. It holds placed three large soft back pieces. In addition, on the couch there are three cushions of light-brown color. Actual sofa is covered with white cloth, slightly reminiscent of velour with very short hair. The main forms of the sofa are almost rectangular, but with characteristic rounding at the edges. It gives the visual comfort to the couch. Sofa stands on the floor with the flat high-tech plates, which are made of shiny chrome. This modern sofa have a future use as in a high-tech interior, as well as in the room with of classics style. Free 3d model of a white sofa will be an excellent complement to living room or as the home theater system basis. Many other beautiful 3d models of upholstered furniture can be found in section 3d models of beds and sofas. 3d model of stylish floor lamp, to the left of the white sofa 3d model, you can download for free in the section on lighting 3d models. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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