Free lighting computer graphics tutorials

Computer 3d graphics tutorials on the 3d lighting subject. From these tutorials you may find out the right way to illuminate scenes and work with the light sources, perform the color correction, tune and setup the primary and secondary illumination; the secrets and tricks of an interior, exterior, and studio 3d rendering; how to imitate the real lighting of the different real life light sources; how to create day and night lighting using the tools of various render engines.

Quality VRaySky and ColorCorrect computer graphics tutorial image

VRaySky and ColorCorrect

Computer graphics tutorial about how to illuminate the scene using the parametric HDRI map called VRaySky using ColorCorrect 3ds Max plug-in and about how to perform the color correction of the Global Illumination (GI) in V-Ray, not limiting with ozone and turbidity parameters only. VRaySky illumination correction with ColorCorrect 3ds Max plug-in.