Gamma & LUT Settings Mismatch

24 Jun, 2015 yura.
24 Jun, 2015 # Re: Gamma & LUT Settings Mismatch
Always has been popping up a window when you open a scene about a range of settings. How to remove it without damaging or anything?

25 Jun, 2015 Anton (Staff Author)
25 Jun, 2015 # Re: Gamma & LUT Settings Mismatch


This sends mesedzh described below contents dialog box.

Gamma & LUT settings of the file that does not match the current settings Gamma & LUT 3 ds Max.

- In the settings you opened scene gamma correction, while maintaining the raster is not carried out (Output Gamma 1,0).

- The current settings of your 3 ds Max establishing compulsory gamma correction (Output Gamma 2,2) stored raster.

In this connection, if you want:
Save gamma correction in the current settings of your 3ds Max?
Customize settings gamma correction for 3ds Max gamma settings file to open?

Coming back to your question literally, the only answer you can on it.

If you want to gamma correction in the opening scene is preserved, just PUSH «OK».

If you sorry to configure gamma correction to ignore the file to open, and you have worked on in this scene with the settings that are now in your 3ds Max then select the item «Keep the System's Gamma & LUT Settings».

As for how to clean the window, the two options. Or, set the same gamma correction of the raster output at its Max like the opening scene, or vice versa, select the item described above, and persohranyay scene. In this case, it will attribute the current gamma settings of your 3ds Max😉

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