Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best

2 Mar, 2011 Loki
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best

Hello. I'm new to 3d. Can you advise me what programs for 3d may I choose and start studying?

2 Mar, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best

Hi Loki. Great question!

The choice of software for certain tasks, in fact, depends on these same tasks 🙂

Nowadays there are at least three most popular packages of tools for modeling, animation and rendering. They are Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D.

The most powerful in all respects, having the most widespread among the CG artists working in all areas of computer graphics is, of course, the legendary 3ds Max. By the way, even today, many mistakenly call it 3D Studio. However, it is in fact not called so for already many years. More details about the versions of this program and years of their release read here.

3ds Max can do everything related to the 3d. The modeling, animation, and rendering.

Next in popularity, is a software package from the same company, called Maya. In general, the main fundamental Maya difference from 3ds Max, is the scheme of the workflow. In particular, the part, responsible for creating the animation. For many years, and to this day, because of greater convenience and flexibility of animation tools, Maya is considered as the best choice for animators.

CINEMA 4D is essentially the same 3ds Max, but with a somewhat different set of tools and functions. However, this is absolutely a complete tool that provides the ability to create superior images. Yes, it is not as popular and as powerful as Max; yes, it have not such a large number of clip art and 3d plug-ins, but it is absolutely complete.

The question arises: why choose a compromise Cinema, when there is a more functional Max?

The answer becomes more obvious when looking at the price of these instruments.

The price for 3ds Max can vary from 1,200 USD to 3,800 USD.

CINEMA 4D costs from 450 USD to 900 USD.

Prices vary depending on the type of license and the type of the package completeness.

For a beginner 3d artist, the difference between 1200 and 400 will be quite noticeable. But not only newcomers but also large companies also pay close attention to this factor. Not hard to imagine what will be the savings if you want to equip more than one, that is, for example, 20 jobs graphic stations with such software.

This factor creates a demand for modest software and for professionals who can work with it.

There are quite a compromise alternative, the completely free Blender and Google SketchUp. Of course, their functionality is far more less than the paid programs.

The next important criterion in choosing 3d program is the renderer, which comes with the actual software. That is, a program that is responsible for generating images.  On the quality of its algorithm, the output image photorealism depends. After all, the image is the final objective for most 3d artists.

As you have probably guessed, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya have the most powerful built-in tools, including the 3d renderer. They have the default built-in 3d renderer of called mental ray.

CINEMA 4D has a more simple built-in renderer, but, nevertheless, with certain knowledge, it allows to achieve excellent results.

For example, the samples of images obtained by these renderers, you can look on the web sites of these products in gallery. However, it is better to just look at the pictures on third-party CG sites and forums. Somehow, the developers of 3d renderers has developed "tradition" to show the pictures, which are far from the most successful ones, or at least they do not fully demonstrate render engine capabilities 🙂

In any case, all these packages 3d graphics allow you to connect external, more advanced renderers as plug-ins. Of course, for those you must pay separately.

2 Mar, 2011 Loki
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best

Many thanks for such an extensive and detailed response! I'm an architect, and I was most interested in architecture. The price factor does not bother me, so I probably will choose 3ds Max 🙂

2 Mar, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best

Yes, we believe that for architectural 3d renderings 3ds Max is the best choice 😉

4 Feb, 2014 Denis
4 Feb, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Probably, it is up to grief banal question, but still ... 🙄 What is the best study - V-ray or Mental ray? I understand that the quality of the final product is primarily dependent on the skill of the visualizer, but personally I have only recently started to get acquainted with the rear max. On many forums write that "architecture virey better" or "in the mental material more realistic," etc. However, no sensible explanation is almost no one gives. I hope you at least something to make it clear in this regard 🙂 Oh, I forgot to say, my goal - this visualization a) interior, b) jewelry.

10 Feb, 2014 Peres
10 Feb, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Denis # 7661, in the beginning, many years ago (more than 16-years old), I render all the standard renderer Max - skanlanom, to begin with, for the person nifiga not versed in the schedule, the very norms! Then I tried to render in the mental, and worked for several years in it, not really penetrating, and therefore received the output quality is a little something that I wanted, but then I did not even realize what you can do better ... until ... I discovered V-ray! Without special knowledge, instantly, the quality of my work soared at times! You decide! 👍

11 Feb, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
11 Feb, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
I'm not special, but I've heard that many are now transferred from the yard vie for the crown. I do not know whether it is Blessed or professionalism, but the place to be. I saw the renderings, very even. Again, do not forget the street that can be achieved in the mental elegant results - professionalism and business skills. Crown takes longer to render than ray vie. In my opinion the best option will vie yard. Lessons sea- and light and materials, no wonder he is considered the most advanced. There are Maxwell, but about him do not know anything

30 Mar, 2014 S3rg0
30 Mar, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
I do not know why little has been said about the absolutely free Blender. By functional it is not inferior to the above listed packages, and management - at times easier. Moreover, it is smaller in size, has many plug-ins, but on account renders the same not inferior to many "big" brothers. By the way, many experienced modelers have worked for decades with Max, Blender, and move on to enjoy this product. So -Try ...

30 Mar, 2014 Usco (3d modeling expert)
30 Mar, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
This interesting little article here "3D redaktrory, pros and cons" of Habrahabr: read the comments feature. Most likely there is a preference in the choice of what mastering one or another editor can then do you find working with him?

11 Feb, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
30 Mar, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
The question of course interesting - Kaka program to teach better. When I wanted to engage in design for me that moment was a decisive one. From an artistic point of view, I have no problems, but how to draw using the computer, so much so that it was beautiful, realistic? Nothing about it is not knowing, not understanding even what packages exist, in principle, I began to search for courses where I could at least learn something. The choice was not wide: or Artlantis or max. In different places. Courses artlantisu cost 5 times more expensive. I came to the course to record the Max and asked him what is better for me to learn from it, what to choose? "3 d max" - was the answer. -Why. Because you do not want on your left pupil ??? - "3d max better." I did not understand why Max better, I stayed at the Max courses. Now I do not regret anything, it is the most comprehensive program for my problems. I want to say thank you to the person who dissuaded me from Artlantisa, although I do not even understand what he was dissuaded. I have not talked about what Artlantis Max bad or good. Of course, great to know all the programs well, or most of them, why and come quietly, but to start you should choose large, strong package - or in May or max.

1 Sep, 2014 Oleg
1 Sep, 2014 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Hello, I started not long ago to learn 3D, yet even not exactly decided what I like to do more. But one thing became clear: in one 3Ds max + Vray work is not very productive, and few who do so. Here, he has recently started to learn of ZBrush, to make the texture on models made in 3Ds max. Along the way, learning ZBrush saw in one of the videos, as the man did repotologiyu in Mudbox. After its own effort to repotologiey in 3ds max, Mudbox seemed very convenient for this purpose. So, actually, and I would love to hear from people who have long been engaged in 3D, what their toolkits to go, and what they prefer to use them 🙂

18 Jun, 2015 Lilia0013
18 Jun, 2015 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Please help. I am a novice in this field, and when I say "newbie" I really mean that almost nothing about 3D modeling do not know. Quite by accident stumbled upon Daz Studio, which began with my interest in this area, soon realized that this kind of program maybe not for me everything is too "formulaic." I would like to ask for and give something of such things, similar to the Maya referred to above, with not very complicated interface and, if available, supporting literature.

18 Jun, 2015 Aleh (3d modeling expert)
18 Jun, 2015 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Sure, about all of the packages can not say, but of those that worked, I would say that the interface is in 3ds max will be easier for a beginner than in Maya. In Zbrush so you can start to give good results, using only the basic menus. In both programs you can find books and video lessons in Russian

18 Sep, 2015 yana
18 Sep, 2015 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Lilia, only on the similarity maya cinema 4d. They are similar in layout, but cinema 4d easier to learn.

18 Sep, 2015 yana
18 Sep, 2015 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
Hello! The weight of his cartoons, film effects make on maya, lightwave, cinema 4d, houdini, adding their functionality specifically for the employed, etc., ogrammistov, plus lesser-known and highly specialized for professional studio software. I believe that: 1) If the goal - to work, for example, in Russia, it is better, depending on the tasks, to start immediately: 3d max, maya, and, perhaps, to expand their professional skills, - cinema 4d, houdini, lightwave. 2) If the purpose - to work freelance particularly in animation, but seriously with all the attendant problems including financial, it is possible to advise a blender, t. To. do not need to pay money for commercial use 3d software. If the value is not critical for you, again, depending on personal preferences can be any other 3d program. 3) If the goal - to work freelance, then -.. 3d max, maya, ie a freelancer often associated with the studios that make him orders, so most of the studios are working on these programs and others a little less .. 4) If the goal - for my own personal enjoyment, then any 3d program. it seems to me, to create cartoons - Cinema 4d in this case will be the most comfortable for the study and with a very good result. For design work or 3d "painting" is better suited lightwave, he has built the best rendering of all known 3d programs and even among some of the individual renderings, and a terrific job with polygonal surfaces. 🙄

12 Mar, 2016 dan mur
12 Mar, 2016 # Re: Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best
I am an artist, I think you should start with the basics - painting, then sculpture, and this is best suited ZBrush. Pass this test, it will continue no matter what, it is important how much you have enough.

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