Going from Vray to Default Scanline

26 Aug, 2012 Mariya
26 Aug, 2012 # Re: Going from Vray to Default Scanline
Hello RenderStaff! Can I use the Default Scanline achieve similar Vray renderings? Let's not 100%, but decent. Yes, I'm not a pro, but it took me 2 days to the fact to deal with relatively VraySun, VraySky and somehow more or less put the light. The color of the texture in the viewport does not correspond to the color rendering. I have a lot of problems and issues Nemer. My designer, under the guidance of which I am trying to draw in order to validate the color 10 times changing shades textures, each time have to do render, even on low settings it takes a lot of time. He urges move to Default Scanline. Yes, everything is faster, and the light putting and renderki fast. But HORRIBLE. All lessons are devoted vireyu, so little information about the Scanline, this method is really quite hopeless? PS You too, so messing with textures achieving the right color, every time they render and viewing the result?

27 Aug, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Aug, 2012 # Re: Going from Vray to Default Scanline

The question is very conditional.

The answer is yes and no. It depends on what to do.

If you make a simple subject scene, with cartoon objects, then in the prince, yes, with Scanline you can achieve the same result as with V-Ray. However, if we are talking about interior visualization, as in your case, then there is no answer.

The fact is that the main thing in interior visualization is the realistic GI component, which Scanline lacks at all. There certainly is Radiosity and Light Tracer, but it's not even close to realistic GI. Just fakes.
In addition, Scanline has very, very weak materials (shaders). If you open the settings of the standard Standard Mate and corny compare them to the number of settings of the same VrayMtl, then it becomes clear how much more flexible and precise you can set up materials in V-Ray compared to Scanline materials. Even without going into the details of their technical work.

All of the above can be understood already from the name of the default renderer in the 3ds Max renderer - Default Scanline. It says for itself that it is not so much a working tool as just a stub so that someone does not say that the whole bunch of 3ds Max programs does not have its own 3d visualization tool.

Therefore, to compare the long-not-developing plug Scanline, with high-tech V-Ray is just as relevant as comparing sportbike with the child's great. Yes, maybe it's possible to overtake the sportbike on the Gnome, but, unless the sportsbike is run by a child that does not reach the handles😁

As for two days to sort out with VraySun and VraySky, then this conversation can be continued only after you are with them, and generally with V-Ray pobirabreshsya at least two years. For 3d visualization, two days are something 🙄

Now on business, so to speak.

To change the shade of some texture or even to replace it, in most cases it does not need to re-render anything there, especially if you consider that your designer is not whimsical in quality and is ready to settle for even a flat scanline. Such things are done by rendering post-rendering in a 2d editor, for example, in Photoshop. You take the render of the alpha on the desired texture / object and in Photoshop, calmly you twist the desired shade, brightness, color, or completely substitute for a different texture.

But do not completely rely on post-processing. Rendering is a resource-intensive computation and has a productive computer with a multi-core processor and at least 8 gigabytes of memory is just necessary. Otherwise, no postprocessing will help. The workstation for the 3d renderer is its main tool, after the software itself. To have good tools in order to create good products (renderers) is very important, otherwise, you will suffer further, waiting for hours when the renderer ends, whatever technique you use to render😉

26 Aug, 2012 Mariya
3 Sep, 2012 # Re: Going from Vray to Default Scanline
Yes, with the alpha - version, thank you, did not know. RenderStaff forever!

12 Aug, 2014 Vlad
12 Aug, 2014 # Re: Going from Vray to Default Scanline
hi, did so poorly skaynlayn looks? saw a video with the chaos groups, there is a wood blends and mixes of materials, standard !! virey good, but do animation machine, and it came time to render, time is running out, think about skaynlayn. with ability and they can not do worse. Video skaynlaynom thought, my first)

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