Gold material in V-Ray

17 Nov, 2016 yura.
17 Nov, 2016 # Re: Gold material in V-Ray
Hello, give a tip, how to make the material is not glossy gold. An example of how to paint a picture frame. It turns or gloss or plastic.

21 Nov, 2016 Anton (Staff Author)
21 Nov, 2016 # Re: Gold material in V-Ray
Yura Hello, Go to the 3d model and find the model to fit your material, or at least more or less similar to the one you want. For example, 3d model of golden columns . There's a time-aged gold. This material you have to go. The main column mat - Blend between ceramics and dark, in fact, matte gold. Come in and take the Blend material «gold». Assign it to the desired object you. Render. If you get the desired result (such as in our preview model), then the job is done and the issue was really in the material. If, however, the result will be significantly different, then the problem is "no" or "not only" in the material, but primarily in the scene itself and, most likely reflecting the material, there is no gold, just nothing to reflect. In this case, you need to work it from the scene. But this is a separate issue 😉

10 Dec, 2016 SharpOo
10 Dec, 2016 # Re: Gold material in V-Ray
There are elegant series of lessons on Vray called "GW Master Vray", it understands very meticulous method of creating photo-realistic materials, including gold.

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