Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray

14 Feb, 2012 Svetlana
14 Feb, 2012 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray
Please help create a facade around a golden patina

14 Feb, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
14 Feb, 2012 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray


This is a very simple situation, which does not require a complex texture. This patina can be created using Blend material . Its Material slot 1 should be put gold material (patina), and the slot 2 Material invest wood material. As a mask (Mask) mixing of the two materials should be used Ambient occlusion facade model using parametric VRayDirt card. Then, in those places where VRayDirt will be black, that is, in the hollows and depressions become visible gold material, and in places where it will be white, that is, on a flat surface of the facade, is the material is led tree😉

12 Feb, 2013 Margarita
12 Feb, 2013 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray
Hello! Please tell us how to create material for the door with patina effect and pattern? Here, for example, the door: Thank you in advance.

14 Feb, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
26 Feb, 2013 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray


In principle, everything is described above, but repeating I will say that there are two ways to make a patina. The first is the most correct, in terms of realism of the final result, but also very laborious. The second is more automated and not at all complicated, but the result is so realistic.

The best way is to create a patina, literally making a mask for it for the desired object. Look at the 3d model of the classic door. There is not literally patina, but there is a complex texture with darkening, rubbing and gold inserts in the right places:

That is, in other words, all the necessary "effects" are simply drawn on the texture. Of course, in this case, a complex sweep of the 3d model is required. If there are any individual requirements for gold on the patina, it is enough to make a map of reflections and use it in the material of the door. At least that's what I would do if I stood there clearly repeating its view on the renderer. Then on the visualization, the door will look exactly like on the reference.

If we talk about the second, easy way, as described above in this topic, then you can make a composite material, based on the standard 3ds max Blend or VRayBlendMtl and mix the material of light wood and dirty patina, as a mixing mask using the VRayDirt card.

Look at the 3d model of a dressing table with a washbasin. The patching of the facades is done with just such a composite material. By the way, it is very similar to the one you need. You can take the material directly from there and simply insert the Diffuse texture into the light material😉

23 Feb, 2015 Tatyana
23 Feb, 2015 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray
Hello. I am trying to make a golden patina on a light wood. Using the Bland and Dirt. It turns out that in light wood shine gold. Thanks in advance.

1 Jan, 2016 Vladimir
1 Jan, 2016 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray
The third option - the easiest. Make a picture with the desired texture, then make maps and bump Reflect. All interior 🙂 For Visa, it seems to me, a quality of the eye. 🙄

10 Nov, 2016 Iggi
10 Nov, 2016 # Re: Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray
I stand by Vladimir - the easiest way to get it is paneled board when rendering (as it is smooth model). Either way, at the beginning of the recesses must have a card. At least outline filled with black. In Photoshop, with this card, you can easily enough to prepare a map with stretch marks on the dark for use with vreydispleysom. The model in the rendering happens via vreydispleys. Distribution of textures and colors through the first card without stretching. I do not know, I have not tried it - will it be possible in this case correctly applied patina oklyuzhenom - it processes taking into account changes in the shape displeys or without. I think that taking into account, otherwise it would be quite silly. So, almost certainly - it is possible, but the quality is necessary to try.

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