Hide Raytrace Messages window

12 Mar, 2012 dod_in
12 Mar, 2012 # Re: Hide Raytrace Messages window
Good time of day! When the render older models sometimes leave this log: How to remove?

12 Mar, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
12 Mar, 2012 # Re: Hide Raytrace Messages window
Hello! The answer, apparently, lies in your same question. Do not use the "old" model. For example, mental, provides a similar window when the scene is the model with no mental ray material, for example VrayMtl: Alternatively, you can simply disable «Show Messages», in Raytracer tab in Default Scanline Renderer, if you use Scanline of course😉

4 Sep, 2013 pioneer3000
4 Sep, 2013 # Re: Hide Raytrace Messages window
You can porobovat (RaytraceGlobalSettings (🙂. ShowMessages = false For any write the scene not only Vray materials VraySceneConverter Make a right-click.

17 Jun, 2014 denq22
17 Jun, 2014 # Re: Hide Raytrace Messages window
Replace all materials is uploaded object on the V-RAYevskie You come in Custommize tab, where you come in the Custom UI and Defaults Switcher and then a window will appear Choose initial settings for tool options and UI layout you choose in the tab UI schemes any scheme workspace (I personally isporlzuyu 3dsmax 2009), and you press the button set to appear Custom UI and Defaults Switcher window with a warning that the change will take effect after restarting the program, you press OK, and perezagruzaesh the MAX, and voila problem solved !!!

7 Nov, 2015 Alena
7 Nov, 2015 # Re: Hide Raytrace Messages window
Taken from here: http://3ddd.ru/forum/thread/show/pomoghitie_razobrat_sia_s_raytrace_messages If materialomi all right, you can just in the lower left corner, where the pink box write (RaytraceGlobalSettings (🙂 showMessages = false and spanked on enter.. ... pomogloo🙂

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