What is a high-quality material or texture?

13 Nov, 2011 plotnik
13 Nov, 2011 # Re: What is a high-quality material or texture?
Hello! Often there are phrases, comments, etc. this kind of "material should be better quality, better texture ..." etc. What does it mean? What are the criteria? I think that's not the only one high-resolution? And is it possible to create high-quality material, texture, for example by SLRs? Perhaps you can. And how to do it correctly? What must be considered important, necessary parameters? How far removed, -What size of, say, a sheet of chipboard must be in the picture for creating high-quality textures? Probably. still need to correct a neutral light, no glare, gloss, matte-blur done in the Max? In the internet there are different resolution textures, more is more. And for the quality of the final image is it necessary? Or high resolution "shoots" only in the foreground? Where and at what expense to obtain, for example, 643 or 1024 * 3500 * 2198? And in general, what is the size of? The pixels, millimeters, -as to come to him? Thank you in advance.

14 Nov, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
14 Nov, 2011 # Re: What is a high-quality material or texture?
Hi, Question photorealism or "qualitative" in computer graphics entirely subjective, of course, if it is not a banal artifacts, such as noise or dirty spots on rendere.Chto means quality stuff? It means that with this material object looks fotorealistichno.Chto means photorealistic image? This means that the image looks like a photo. That is, you look at the picture and in doubt, it is a photo or rendering. When you're not ready to "bet a hundred bucks," which is photo or vice versa, that is to render, because I'm not sure what it is😁Imenno to such results seek every 3d vizualizator.Kogda say that the material does not look qualitatively, it is not it means that he has a bad tkstura. Not all materials are generally made using textures. This means that it just does not sound like the real stuff a real object, which he imitiruet.Naprimer, you're doing a tree trunk, and render it does not look like a photo of a trunk, and the trunk looks like a model with her nahlobuchennoy photo bark on nem.Nelzya reduce the quality of the material to the commonplace quality or resolution texture. Everything must be in balance. That is, there should be one defyuze tektsura. On reflekshene likely different on the bump or displacement third. Of course, the quality of the material based on the texture depends on its quality. But again, you need to understand that the quality of the texture, it is primarily its brilliance, the lack of clear shadows, do not fit into the scene and lighting just right of detail and scale. Do not forget about the correct mapping. From it also depends on the realism of the model material. Stupid would be if the entire tree trunk surface texture will be stretched sfotkatsya to twenty cm. Crust. Even if the resolution of the texture will be 5000 by 5000 pixels😁Odnako and that's not all. It is very important, from what distance, relative to the camera, will be shot obekt.Naprimer, if it is outside the window tree display 50yu pixels on the final render, then once someone does not appreciate the "quality" of textures on it. Whether they are at least 10,000 pixels razresheniem.Vse be appropriate. Situatsii.Krome In addition, the most important factor of the material, especially bezteksturnogo is the relevance of an effect in the shader mat. For example, if it is sandblasted glass, then in addition to the diffuse light refraction and difyuza, reflection of the glass should be as opaque and dull, not shiny like a Christmas toy. If it is lacquered wood, the nail usually does not purely white but slightly bluish in reflection. That means that the material should reflect not pure white, but slightly bluish color, etc. How to "catch" the realism of the materials? But it depends on one's own. Theoretically, it is very simple. You look at the reference (photo) of the desired material. Derange the mind of its properties. And then just bring them on material.Vidish created thee, that the pictures material gently reflects? - Give a reflection of his matu.Vidish that he has a very clear texture? - Need a way to wind bamp.Izuchit tools shader your renderer is not difficult. But whether you can grasp the correspondence prilovchilis eye to wind the desired properties, by analogy with the reference photo - it is only a question sposobnostey.Mne always thought that all can learn, if only for a long time to learn. But, judging by the work of many trideshnikov having even 5 - 7 years of experience, they either do not learn, or they just do not feel it is given correspondence. Perhaps simply because it is not given to everyone. That's it 🙄

Actually for that we put our free 3d models . Not for the banal and merdzhenga jumps in scene. Not at all. In our models, we can see how to make a particular material, the effect and where most appropriate. And by the way, many have realized this long ago and are perfect materials and textures taken from our models, carrying them on their own, and in box successfully😉

26 Apr, 2012 tigraz
26 Apr, 2012 # Re: What is a high-quality material or texture?
Frankly, many thanks to the creators of this site! It is much to learn here is in terms of texture, gorgeous models!

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