How to render a scene with two PCs

8 Oct, 2012 Mariya
8 Oct, 2012 # Re: How to render a scene with two PCs
Welcome uv.RenderStaff. Tell me, how to render the two computer?

8 Oct, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
8 Oct, 2012 # Re: How to render a scene with two PCs


If we are talking about rendering one image at once with several cops in V-Ray, then its internal tool Distributed rendering is best suited. Despite the apparent complexity, working with distributive rendering is extremely simple. To start work you need:

1 - Set up a network connection between these computers.
2 - Create a shared folder, the path to which will be local for both computers. What does it mean. For example, you have two computers. The computer "Masha" with disks C, D and the computer "Dima" with the same partition C and D. Let's say you work on the computer "Masha" on drive D in the folder "Moi proekty", a subfolder of "Tekushchiy proekt". That is, all the proxy textures and stuff, lie along the local path D: Moi proektyTekushchiy proekt ...
Now if you open the scene of this project, but already on the computer "Dima", then 3ds Max will not see the textures of the project, for the simple reason in the scene the path to textures is recorded as D: Moi proektyTekushchiy proekt ..., which in turn is only On the computer «Masha».
How to be in this case?
A trivial output, copy all the textures from "Masha" D: Moi proektyTekushchiy proekt ... to "Dima" D: Moi proektyTekushchiy proekt ...

A rational solution is to create a shared network folder, to which both computers will have access. That is, "Net Name" Moi proektyTekushchiy proekt ... This way will be absolute that for "Masha", that for "Dima".

If you do not understand how the network folder works, you can not configure it, then use the first option. In any case, we will describe this process in detail in our future lesson about distributive rendering. Including describe and configure the network.
3 - Install the same version of 3ds Max on the computer "Dima", as on your working computer "Masha".

4 - On the computer "Dima", in the folder with the installed max, find the program of the spider virai, in the background running 3ds Max and managing its rendering. Run it. For example, for 3ds Max this ... Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2013vrayspawner2013.exe

5 - Start your scene, go to the render settings and the Settings tab. There, find the zone of Distributed rendering, put the checkmark on it and click on the Settings button ...
The Distributed rendering settings window appears. In it, click Add server and specify the name of the company "Dima" 's.

Click OK and start the render. The Dima computer will be connected to the work and its buckets will appear in the buffer frame.

In short, everything😁

8 Oct, 2012 Mariya
9 Oct, 2012 # Re: How to render a scene with two PCs
Oh how good. So if my computer 2yadr for 2.4 (4 GB oper.) And reconnect 2yadr at 3.3 (12GB oper.) That essentially turns miscalculation will go 11-cores? Well, very quickly it should be. And another time, as if to put the settings Dinamic memory limit? and whether there are any "pitfalls" in nastoroykah for Distributed rendering ??

8 Oct, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
9 Oct, 2012 # Re: How to render a scene with two PCs

Cores 2 and 2 + 4e addition, instead of 11😁
What to put in the Memory Limit setting the Dynamic .
Full of pitfalls, but is "under water did not sink," they do not say what is not😉

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