Regions render in 3ds Max

23 May, 2011 plotnik
23 May, 2011 # Re: Regions render in 3ds Max
How to count the regions and whether it is right, - affect the quality?

23 May, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
23 May, 2011 # Re: Regions render in 3ds Max
If you talk about Region Render, it's all very simple. To use this feature in earlier versions of 3ds Max, such as 3ds Max 2008, you must panel Main Toolbar, next to the icon rendering (green tea), instead, the default values ​​Viev choose in this drop-down list, the value Region. Then, press the render (Shift + Q or ikonochku green kettle). Then in the active viewport dotted frame will appear and the OK button in the lower right corner. Scale the frame on the right you object or area of ​​the scene that you want to calculate and PUSH OK. Starts rendering you selected region. In newer versions of 3ds Max are all exactly the same, only the function is hidden in the Region Render panel Render Scene window, or as it is called in the newer versions of Max Render Setup 🙂 Located render the region in the area Area to Render. To activate the render region and choose Region, as described above, scale n%BEyavivshuyusya in vporte bounding box. The special charm of this function in the new version of Max is that now is not charming at vyuporte enable Safe Frame for fine adjustment of the region. Now it can be done not only in the viewport and directly into the frame buffer. Regarding quality, there are certainly nuances. For example, when you try to pererenderit small stage area and re-calculates the renderer Irradiance Map for this piece - artifacts can occur. This happens because the Irradiance Map uses interpolation in areas without samples, samples from nearby. If the ordinary rendering, Irradiance Map in this area uses both samples zone and sepmly surrounding areas, in the case of Region Render, only one area Irradiance Map-in may not be enough samples most areas and this will manifest itself in the form of spots artifacts or also in less light to calculate the region. That is, the region will be a bit darker. However, we are full of% D0 minutes as the use Region Render, and the above-mentioned disadvantages can easily be compensated elementary retouching in raster editor. You can safely use the Render function in the Region their work😉

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