How to improve the rendering quality

13 May, 2012 Anton
13 May, 2012 # Re: How to improve the rendering quality
Hello, thank you very much for the site - one of the few where everything is so detailed and clearly stated. There is a big problem, namely the quality of the rendering! I did not like the fact that now it turns out. The main points which I would like to understand: 1 - There is no definition of the image, which is all blurred, objects no matter how voluminous. 2 - The contrast, all render zamylenny and dull, it becomes too dark by increasing the contrast settings. 3 - Light to render it is impossible to adequately light the whole, so that everything was bright and at the same time, the contrast, without overbrights. We used a bunch of Vray Sun and Vray Sky in windows Vray Light and Vray Light Skyporyal, Vray Camera. Trying to change the settings with the light but the result does not improve? I would love to hear your advice. Just for example, put a file with acceptable quality renders of - that's what I want to achieve.

13 May, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
13 May, 2012 # Re: How to improve the rendering quality


Your question is highly abstract and general. On it you can not answer a single message.

All I can tell you, at the moment, advise is go to our lessons section and carefully study all that is there. But do not jump around in the headlines, but to understand and be able to put into practice, as set out there. From the gamma settings to the renderer settings. All, without exception.

Then, go to the section of the discussion. In particular, the sub- questions-Ray on the V , Questions 3ds the Max and general questions. There are more than considered in detail all about what you're asking. And how to get a clear rendering , and how to raise the contrast , and to get rid of flashes on , and much more.

Perhaps you have it will take several months to ensure that at all acquainted, to grasp at all, all to explore, to try everything in practice. But who said it was easy to 3d graphics? 😁

25 Nov, 2013 Usco (3d modeling expert)
25 Nov, 2013 # Re: How to improve the rendering quality

Synthetic rendering for (post)
Yeah, a puzzle for the one who does not practice. I tried different options to get rid of noise, but in order.
1. About the light on the cornice - you have a ceiling just Plane, the sun pierces his strength. If you give a thickness of at least 10 centimeters, the light disappears and the necessary shadows appear.
2. If you put (-2, -1) in the Irradiance map, then the "cotton wool" under the cornice, on the shelf of the nightstand, etc. will decrease. The rendering time will certainly increase 🙂.
Now about the noise:
Lowered the number of Subdivs in the lightport from your 60 to 32 (quality is enough but noisy), disabled the filter Antialiasing, Adaptive DMC your 1-32, I put 1-8. Irradiance map was left unchanged (-3, -2). DMC Sampler (Min sampler your 32, I left 12). Result - everything is rendered without fires and shadows, but ... noisy 🙂
The increase in Adaptive DMC does not change anything much, Adaptive amount lowered - the noise is less, the render time multiplies many times, but everything is not right. As a result - Ponizil oratno settings, removed DMC Sampler (Noise treshold) in 0 - i.e. Disconnected adaptsiytsiyu (so probably you can not do :🙂 as a result, the noise completely disappeared. In the picture only a certain proportion of miscalculation, parts: cornices, curtains, cabinets, chandeliers, lamps, curtains, plants, bed headers, blankets.

I do not know how many rendered your picture. The rendering time of this jumped to 4 hours and this - without textures and the full glass chandelier on the Core i5 750 2.6GHz; 4GB of RAM.
As a result: it is unclear how to proceed and in what order to tweak the settings to reduce noise. Those. Light Cache lighting settings are less understandable. The Irradiance map helps you fine-tune geometry and "insecurity." Subdivs in the IC can also be tweaked - but not to the fanaticism of the same 50-120, the noise though small still remain. Image sampler (Antialiasing) put different - if in Adaptive subdivision lower the values ​​of Clr Thresh, similarly as we lower in DMC Sampler (Noise treshold) - the noise also almost disappears, but time grows ...
Here and what to do ?:
-Do I undercut Clr Thresh and (Noise treshold)?
-or all Clr Thresh a (Noise treshold) is not too low?
-or Clr Thresh not to touch and lower Adaptive amount and (Noise treshold)?
Because the sensations are the ones that strongly influence the final noise. Under the noise I mean the one that remains even after winding Subdivs in the IC and materials.
I understand that "I do not", but the solution is somewhere near 🙂. I hope to help connoisseurs.
PS: gus_ann - about AO did not forget.

25 Nov, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
25 Nov, 2013 # Re: How to improve the rendering quality
I do not know Usco, this test scene, just for fun. I think the answer lies in the coverage. That is if you do standard sunshine and a bunch of credit default map vie ray sky, it is not particularly noisy. As soon as you put the sky instead of the standard hdri map, and immediately increases the render time and noise. But if you put the house and yard vie him throw hdri, the noise kallosalny. I have not found a tutorial on lighting the interior using wi yard house. Maybe bad looking, somehow vague, without specific descriptions. But doing the same guru, so it is possible, and the illumination is pleasant, better. Incidentally render time I went somewhere for two hours, compared to other scenes per hour or forty minutes- that long.

26 Nov, 2015 crispy
26 Nov, 2015 # Re: How to improve the rendering quality
Hello, please tell me, I did not understand that with the settings - the whole picture as a monochrome, color and texture are different, and as a result everything merges in any one yellow-pink color ...... I am a newbie,!? learn independently, so perhaps the question seems stupid ....... but tried absolutely everything, nothing happens

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